Beginner songs for guitar and diatonic harmonica

Hi, my husband has recently started playing the blues harp, and I’ve been playing guitar for a bit.
I’ve been strumming the 12-bar blues chord progression, with him improvising over it, but just playing three chords gets boring fast. Does anyone have songs that would be good to try and play together? We really don’t have a specific genre in mind, so long as it’s easy for beginners.


With the blues you have a wide choice of songs. A few would be Before you accuse me, Kansas City and Sweet Home Chicago

Hi @Togame, how about some Neil Young songs? He often has harmonica solos in his acoustic style songs. “Heart of Gold” and “Out on the Weekend” are two that come to mind. Justin has lessons for both.

Hey @tony, thanks for your reply! Those three songs do not seem to have a harmonica in them, maybe the harmonica can play the vocals or the saxophone bit in Sweet Home Chicago?

Hi @jjw1, thanks for the suggestion! We decided on Heart of Gold as the first song to jam together, my husband seems enthusiastic and is already transcribing the harmonica parts, so it’s going to be fun!

Again thanks to the both of you for your suggestions.

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Your husband can check out TOMLINHARMONICASCHOOL.COM for a free tutorial on Heart of Gold. Tomlin offers some free stuff which is helpful if you’re a newbie at mouth harp. He pushes his paid courses (I haven’t gone there yet) but I am trying to fit guitar in my life & not a lot of time for harmonica now… but it is on the back burner!