Beginners Guide to Selling Guitars

Hi all,

I recently got a new acoustic guitar. I’m in the market for an electric. Since I got the new acoustic I was thinking of part exchanging my old acoustic.

The guitar company I deal with advised it would be more worth my while selling it privately as the second hand guitar market is very strong at the moment and I would get more than they could offer.

Well I’ve never sold anything privately let alone a guitar. The guitar company suggest reverb but all the prices on that website are in dollars and I’m from the UK.

I’m in no rush to sell as the electric guitar I have my eye on is not available anywhere at the moment.

However, I figured it would be best to ask for some guidance on here on as I’m sure some of the community have sold/exchanged their guitars over the years.

Any pointers on where would be best to sell a guitar in the UK privately, how do you value a guitar, how do you manage delivery and returns would be much appreciated.

Hi @Socio I have bought and sold many, many guitars using various online platforms - ebay, facebook marketplace, gumtree, reverb.
What have you got to sell and what condition is it in?

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Hi Richard (@Richard_close2u) it’s the yamaha apx600 shown on my learning log. It was bought in September last year for £250 and is in very good condition.

I find Facebook Market place a good starting point. No charges ( horrendous on EBay) and you’re advertising locally so no shipping. On the negative side you might not max the price you can get.

If you spend a little time cleaning it and taking some clear pictires of front, rear, neck up close, frets (especially towards the nut in the 1-5 fret position etc then you’ll have no problem selling for not much less than you paid on gumtree / marketplace. They are popular and in demand models.

Thanks Richard (@Richard_close2u) I did take pictures like you suggested and sent to the Guitar Company and they said it looked brand new. In your opinion what is better between gumtree and market place? How do you manage the delivery (how much does it normally cost to send a guitar and what Company is best to use for delivery) and returns? I presume you can state no returns accepted providing the guitar is as per the condition advertised?

Do not offer postage.
Guitars are only insured if inside a hard case which is inside an outer cardboard box.
Local pickup only cash on collection.
Advertise on both at once - same ad, same description and photos.

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Thanks Richard (@Richard_close2u) that is some very helpful advice. I never knew that and glad I asked here for advice.

I’ve happily bought 2nd hand guitars on eBay and sold one on facebook marketplace.


James, I’ve recently sold a few things through FB Markplace and something I learned was to add a “first come, first serve” statement to my ad. I find at times lots of interest and promises to come but people don’t always follow through. Perhaps different with a guitar, but can’t hurt.

@tony & @DavidP I will definitely have to look into FB MarketPlace. This is all new to me. If I hadn’t asked on here, I’d have only thought of eBay.


FB marketplace is more akin to the old classifieds you got in newspapers. No charges but as others have said it’s first come first serve as you’ll get plenty who say they are interested and never show. Similarly be firm on what price you want to sell at as plenty will try and barter you down on FB AND then do it again when they turn up.

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Having thought about this further, I’m wondering if there are any musical charities that accept donations of instruments as although the £200+ I could get would be great it would be greater if I could give the instrument to a charity that specialises in providing children with musical instruments providing that they could collect it.


If you still have the guitar I suggest you talk to Justin’s team. I’m sure they might suggest ho two get it to someone who would benefit from your generosity.