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@JokuMuu RE: playing at the Baltic
Bravo. Kudos to you for your first recording and sharing it. Kudos for taking your guitar out of the house and playing it in the big outdoors. Wonderful. Keep it up and give us more. :slight_smile:

Better be careful what you wish for, it’s seriously cold here at the moment.

So any attempt at recording anything outside would turn into an interesting mixture of Finnish curses with German accent :grin:

Seriously though, I realized that the biggest hurdle for me is my impatience. It probably always has been that. I saw you writing somewhere that there are no shortcuts and I’m trying to internalize that thought and be more patient with myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well ok… It took me a while to convince myself to give it a try although my first record is far from my expectations. I even close all windows while practicing. :see_no_evil: The audio is taken by my phone, therefore the audio quality is what it is…
I had a few lessons in 2015. Teacher asked me what’s more important to me, playing songs or learning from the beginning. My answer was “both” which confused him. Because of job change and few other “life things” this was it at getting lessons. Now I started at May 9th with Justinguitar, I’m at the end of Grade 1 and now I come to the point of consolidation. Just the moment I thought “it goes well, give recording a try” I started to make mistakes more than ever :see_no_evil:
Please be kind and friendly in your critics.
So here it is, my attempt of playing Mad World, Grade 1
Thank you for listening

Edit: how can I get this SoundCloud thing embedded?
Edit 2: I don’t really get it. All tutorials I find they’re talking about an “embed tab” when you click on “share”. Neither in my app nor at the browser there’s such a tab. Hope you can listen to it anyways.


No need to keep the windows closed, and even less need to be overly critical with yourself :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

This wasn’t bad at all :slightly_smiling_face:

I managed to listen to it a few times when the link was still working, and the song was easily recognisable. Especially since you used a different strumming technique in verses and chorus. Once I had understood that you seem to be skipping the intro, I managed to sing with it :slightly_smiling_face: Surely, there are a few chords missing towards the end, and surely not every chord is 100% clean. So what, I say? :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Having had the first experience of uploading something here in May, I know how nervewrecking it is. Hey, that first hurdle is now overcome and you will receive so much valuable feedback from many many kind people :slightly_smiling_face:

No, idea how it works with soundcloud. It took various people here some time to persuade me to upload a video. I did not want. For the life of me, I did not want. In the end, I jumped over my own shadow and did as some people had suggested. It’s even more nervewrecking, but I have received only kind feedback. Perhaps something to consider in the future? :rainbow:


Thank you so much for your really encouraging words.
Being overly critical with myself is actually a thing to work on, not only at playing guitar. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I recorded I struggled in counting the chord repetitions, so there are parts missing. Thing to work on. :grinning:

I watched your uploads and you did it so good :+1: hats off :billed_cap: (is “well” used in that case) My active English vocabulary is a bit rusty…

For the moment I would say, you never ever will see me on a video, too :thinking: :rofl:

Have a nice evening


Congratulations and well done on your first posting. It certainly is a nerve racking experience.
Although it’s a bit hard to give advice with no visual footage, I can hear good even strumming and the song is instantly recognisable.
You’re only 1 month in with Justin and you’re doing great!


Hi Winni @Siehtscheh
How great your first share :sunglasses: :partying_face: :clap:
There was a lot to like and certainly something to continue with :smiley:, as kind of said, a video image sometimes says more than a thousand notes and then people can give better feedback, but for now it’s fine, don’t be afraid :smiley:


Hello Winni, and congrats on your first recording :partying_face::clap::+1:!
That was really nice playing :smiley:.
And yes, making more mistakes than ever once the recording has started, is an experience we’ve all gone through - and still do :sweat_smile:.
Keep on the great work - and don’t forget to have fun :star_struck:.


@prbushe @roger_holland @NicoleKKB

Thank you so much! That really makes this day better :grinning:


Congrats on your first post @Siehtscheh .

Definitely recognisable which is a good start. You might want to look at how you’ve recorded it as it was distorting quite a lot or the guitar tone wasn’t very clean. Maybe you just had it turned up too loud.

A lower volume less distorted tone would make it sound better and make it easier to offer advice.

In general the strumming seemed fluid, a little hesitancy in parts but that can be expected as a beginner doing a first recording. The strumming pattern sounded a little odd in places but without seeing you play it’s very difficult to tell if it’s right or wrong. Chord changes themselves seemed pretty good.

Overall a great first posting and hopefully encourages you to try again and post more.


Congratulations on your first AVoYP, its a great first go. Song was recognizable, always a start. A few hesitant chord changes but that is to be expected at your stage, it will improve with practice.


That’s a very good advice with the distortion. I have a modeling amp and I created a clean sound. At least that’s what I thought, but it seems that distortion is still activated. :thinking:
I’m not only learning playing guitar, but operating the amp. :sweat_smile:
And some of the chords are not that clean i think.

@skinnyt @Rossco01
Thank you so much. I’ll keep on practicing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice evening you all :raising_hand_woman:


Sounding good Winni, no need to shut the windows. Took me back to my early days with Justin. Nice and steady and good clean changes. Some advice offered already on recording but perfectly acceptable doing what you are doing. Well done.


Thank you :blush:


@Siehtscheh Bravo, Winni, sounding pretty good. Keep doing what you are doing.

I find I get better audio quality if I record a video with the phone rather than just audio. So if you have a smart phone perhaps try that.

Copy URLs to SoundCloud, videos in YT etc and paste into your post on a blank line with no other text and it will embed. You can look at yours and see the effect


Way to go @Siehtscheh
That was a really good performance. Sounded like the strumming was nice and steady. A lot of things to be happy about.
Just open your windows :grin:

Well done!! :+1:


@DavidP @tRONd
Thank you so much. Your words are encouraging. :blush:

Before recording a video maybe I should start practicing with the windows opened :rofl:

Ah, ok… pretty simple then :+1: thank you :blush:


this sounds great! well done :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Winni, you’ve done a nice job with the song. Open those windows and let everyone hear your skills on the guitar.

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Hi, pretty new to the community, and not a native English speaker so I hope you understand me :wink:

Didn’t want to start a topic and glad I found this space. Still have to get my recording set up on par (had to mono the video as I couldn’t mix my interface over the phone).

Playing since Oct 2022. Im currently at Module 19 of Grade 3, but revisiting this song right now as I never memorized and learned the strum/picking pattern until recently.

Still not getting it as flawless as I’d like. Some unnecessary slowdowns and mistakes. Forgetting to mute the 1st string on the verses, not enough single picking too much strum…

First time trying to record with mics. So the voice is a bit more clear than I’m used to, but I’m more conscious of the flaws in my singing. Am I close to the pitches, way too flat?
I’m a really inexperienced singer I feel. Always thought I do ok when casually singing songs, but hearing it back clearly I’m doubting my progress in that area… could use some neutral ears, thanks.

Grade 2: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day |

So any feedback would be highly appreciated: