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Bravo, Chaira, that truly was ‘short and sweet’. Playing and singing both sounded good. Keep on keeping on and I look forward to a full recording of the song when you are ready.

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Here is my second attempt at Pearl Jam’s black ,hopefully better than the last time I played this. I have been working hard on my timing and in general strumming . I think I have improved and will continue to work on my timing. Also working on dynamics’s and sus cords.


Hi Jeff,
That sounds pretty good and looks good :sunglasses: :clap:
A lot to like,

Thanks to Justins teaching for making my guitar journey easier then when I tried last time I tried the guitar. I have improved and plan on pushing forward. Thank you roger for your kind words.

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Your timing and strumming look and sound good. You need to get your guitar much more vertical though.

When you’re learning it’s really tempting to either lean over the guitar or lean it back to you to get a good view of the strings, though these will turn into habits that are hard to break, (and you do need to break them!). In the longer term, if you lean forward all the time while playing then that can be bad for your back, while if you tip the guitar back to you, then stretching your hand around to fret can lead to wrist and finger problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome; both of which are best avoided if you can!

It looks as though you may be sat on a couch/sofa and this may be encouraging you to lean back and take the guitar with you? It will help you (and your body) to sit on something more like a dining room chair, which will encourage you to sit more upright.

Look forward to to seeing more soon!

You are right I was on my couch laid back on a Sunday morning. I don’t always play like that .but thanks for the input and will try to knocking out the bad habits.

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That sounded really good Jeff. Lots to be pleased with there. The timing sounded good and everything was nice and clean.

Some great advice there from Iain too. Try standing up and see how that feels. Watching you play I don’t think you would have any problems with your chords changes whilst not looking at your fretboard.

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I Will try standing I have been playing in seated position since I started. And past guitar teacher was always having me sitting.

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