Beginner's safe space

OK sorry…it’s the first thing I’ve ever shown anyone apart from family. I’d consider myself a beginner, and it’s for sure a beginner song.

O Sir It may be a beginner song, but in my opinion you are no longer a beginner :grin:… and sorry, not necessary … the moderators will move it if they feel it necessary without that they getting irritated :sweat_smile:… you can learn here and elsewhere on the forum safely how everything works and just ask if you feels so … and break this place is almost impossible ,yes almost… some try and almost get it down but that is a story for over a long time :grin:
Have fun :sunglasses:

You are ready for an open mic.

Dank je for your feedback/help,
I’m a bit of a noob here so any guidance is much appreciated!

Trying to pluck up courage !

I agree with what people said before me. Sounded good, it’s surely good enough - no matter in which category you posted it in the end :slightly_smiling_face:

Off you go to your Open Mic with hopefully boosted self-confidence

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Thanks buddy

Mods please move this over to AVOYP if appropriate

Hi William,

Good on you for posting. It’s a good performance. You should be proud of it.

I can tell you are a beginner (like you say) from the way you are forming your chords and looking at your hand.

It’s definitely ready for a Justin Guitar online open mic. If it’s ready for a real-world one will depend on the open mic and the level of performers there. You would probably want to make sure you can sing into a mic and give a confident performance. Sus out your local open mics first.

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Great first video share, William.
Bravo! :sunglasses:
Open mic’s do not depend on your ability to play or sing. They depend on your level of confidence and ability to engage with/entertain the punters. Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway… :rofl:

Hej igen, Jesper :wink:
Glad @Richard_close2u split the topics and alerted me to this.
Playing upright, solid strumming, picking, muting, twiddling the knobs…
For helvede, det var fantastisk! :imp:
You smashed the pumpkin! :sunglasses:


@brianlarsen Takker ærbødigst! :slight_smile:

@Eccleshall Thanks! I have a lot of travels the next weeks, so my practice time will be reduced a bit. I hope I don’t loose too much momentum.

@rogerholland I agree - and also for myself, looking at my playing makes it much easier to spot what changes I need to work towards to improve. With audio, you hear the mistakes, with video, you can also see the reason for the mistake.

@SgtColon Thanks - next step for me is practicing rolling chords for module 16. I am working on Leanard Cohen’s ‘The Stranger Song’. It is not easy, but everything required has actually been covered in the lessons up to and including module 16: alternating bassline, sus4 embellishments, rolling chords, barre chord. But the speed! :exploding_head:


Congratulations on your first video posting, William.

That was good. Steady rhythm and very clean sounding. Nice vocals too. Yes, I think you’re ready for your local OM. Good luck.

Thanks Sarge.
Im running out of excuss to put this off

@6stringrazor Congrats on the first posting, William. Quite OK to post the first one here, I don’t feel a need to move it. I think you played it well, with good timing and feel plus the embellishments. Easy on the ear vocal.

You can look into a Community OM here: Community Open Mic Events

As for a local in-person OM, I’d agree with comments to go attend, judge the vibe, talk to folk, and then make a call.

Hi everyone

Here’s my first AVOYP - Take me home Country Roads. I recorded this about a week ago prior to watching the lesson on Dynamic Improvements; I think I could perhaps work on varying my strumming a bit. Video is a bit blurry at first but improves after approx 20 secs. All feedback gratefully received. Cheers, Michael


Michael @MichaelBrabs
Excellent well done, not got any suggestions for improvement.
I thought you said you didn’t really sing!

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Thanks Michael. I appreciate the feedback. I don’t think singing’s my strong point so that’s probably why I said that :slight_smile: It’s weird as sometimes I sing along and it sounds ok and sometimes it sounds pretty bad so It’s a bit pot luck I suppose.

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In time, in tune and very engaing performance. Better than many open mics I’ve seen. Go for it!


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What a nice way to start my morning. Consistent strumming and you really sang well :slightly_smiling_face:

There is one thing I noticed, because it’s something I’m paying a attention to when I’m recording myself at the moment, since I have been struggling with similar issues with my pinky.

When you rewatch your video take a look at what your index finger and pinky are doing, when you are not using them in chords. Especially your index finger is flying quite far away from the fretboard at times. I think you can easily improve this, if you are just paying a bit more attention to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community btw, I don’t think I’ve said that yet, looking forward to your next video :slightly_smiling_face:

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