Beginner's safe space

Good morning Nicole,

Thank you for your kind words. I’m pleased I contributed to your morning and hope you have a great day!

I’ve watched the video again and I totally see what you mean about my index and pinky! It’s like I’m doing the horn symbol while playing the E minor chord :joy: I’ll definitely try to work on this as I guess I’m making movement between chords a little harder this way.

And thanks for the welcome!


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Hi Michael,
First video is a big thing so i understand you thought of ‘beginner safe place’

But you don’t belong here at all :flushed:… First video :partying_face: :sunglasses: :clap:, very nice singing :sunglasses: :clap: and beautifully played and all together :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing:

Follow the lessons in a somewhat organized manner and you will fly through the first lessons and I predict a bright musical future for you :smiley:



Hi Roger

Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m pleased you enjoyed it :grinning:

Now that I’ve got the first video out of the way, I will venture outside the safe space for my next one! I’m working on a song at the moment but it needs a bit more practice so I will hopefully be ready to hit record in a few days.


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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting, Michael. That was really well done. Nice work on the strumming and chord changes, vocals sounded great as well.

Just one small tip, try not to spend too much time looking at your fretting hand.

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Thank you Stefan. I appreciate the feedback and will try to work on not looking at my fretting hand too much. I don’t know if it’s a beginner thing that will decrease as I gain more experience.

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There were times when you didn’t, so you can play without looking. Maybe it’s just a habit you need to get out of.


I’ve got a couple of AVOYPs I did on Sunday ready to upload soon so we’ll see if I’m doing the same thing. Cheers

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Hi everyone :wave:

This is the first time I share one of my videos in the community. I started learning from square one 8 months ago with Justin’s tutorials and I’m still having lot of fun. learning a lot and sometimes getting frustrated as well. I practice basically everyday (no time to rest) for 1 to 2 hours.

The first video is me playing “bad moon rising” about 5-6 weeks after I got my first guitar. It is an epiphone SG special, really good guitar and easy to play for a beginner like me. Here’s the video:

And this is me again playing “bad moon rising” 7 months later with my new acoustic guitar. I got this guitar a couple months ago and it took me a while to get used to it just for the size and it made it more difficult to play the songs I’d been playing for a long time.

Thanks for watching!!!


It’s easy to see that you are practicing a lot. The first version wasn’t bad at all, but the version you recorded today sounds more dynamic and yet more smooth - in my ears at least. Looking forward to your next recording :slightly_smiling_face:

On a side note: I hope the dog from the first video is fine. Missed him or her in the second one :dog:

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Thanks JokuMuu! My dog is fine lol she’s normally around while I’m practicing. Poor thing has to put up with hours and hours of chord changes and scales and nonsense. She doesn’t seem to be bothered nor impressed either :laughing:

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Isn’t recording yourself a great tool?

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting.

It was great to see them both together Carlos. Your first was a decent effort for the amount of time you had been playing but the second one was great. Full of confidence, nice dynamics and no looking at your fretting hand.

Well done.

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Congratulations on posting your first AVOYP. Its a relief isnt it?

I can see definite improvement between the 2 videos. Much smoother in the latter, and much more confident. This is one of the great things about regularly recording yourself.

Keep doing what your doing Carlos. Sounds like you’re on a good path. All the best.

Cheers, Shane.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments! It’s a relief to post the first video indeed. I will try and make better recordings in the future. I got good advice here in the community and I will work on that soon.

@CarlosAP Firstly congrats on the maiden post, Carlos. I know how nervy that can be.

I had a quick listen through to the first chorus on the first recording. You were making good progress.

And excellent progress ever since. The second really felt good. Smoother, more fluent, better feel. Just great. I anticipated just listening through to the first chorus again and happily enjoyed your playing for the full song.

Keep on keeping on and post the next in the main sub-category, a new topic. You’ll get more views and helpful comments that way.


Congrats on your first AVOYP Carlos! Well done. Your regular practice is clearly paying off. Good idea to post two videos of the same song so you can see how much you’ve progressed over time. Keep up the great work! :guitar:

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Much better flow in the acoustic version! Great progress :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! Tried recording a video playing and singing for the first time. I picked up a few tutorials of Wasted Years by Iron Maiden and played the first half. It’s still pretty tricky to remember the lyrics, chord changes and keep the rhythym on top of all that, but it feels more feasible than when I was in grade 1 for sure. I don’t think it’s fleshed out enought to post in a topic of its own but hopefully I’ll make it better in the future!


A good effort there João. It’s not easy when you first start off playing and singing but keep at it and it all starts to come together. Nice vocals though and apart from a few pauses your playing as good too.

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Good job on this song. This is a great song ,and keep practicing your cord transitions will get much smoother. Also it’s a song you can grow with when you get to more difficult cords that the band uses.

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