Beginners songbook .. doesn't match course

Just bought the beginners songbook. It is marked up as “stage 1”, “stage 2” etc. whereas the course is marked up in modules. The songs don’t match the modules. Some of the songs do appear in the song book, others don’t, and the order does not match the lessons. I see the book was published in 2012 but it is still being sold as something that ties in with the beginners lessons. It doesn’t really. Still a nice book and useful though.

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The song books ran in conjunction with the old beginners course.

They are still great value for money though and great for learning songs.

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If you want to correlate the songbooks with the old BC see here

But I’d strongly advise following the Grade system, as there is far more content now.
But at least this will give you some context.

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It’s pretty easy to make the switch. In the book, write the chords that correspond to each stage (exemple: A,D,E). And then you know where you are at in the new course.

The book has songs from grade 1 to grade 3. Great investment.

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