Belated introduction - MorseMooseGreyGoose in Melbourne Australia

Hi all

Morse Moose calling to formally introduce myself. You might have seen me posting a bit lately. I actually tried to save this webpage in my favourites a few months ago but accidentally made it my homepage and decided it was quite a nice place to hang around.


I am based in Melbourne, Australia. 40 years of age, with two young kids (3 years and 3 months). Out Mentone way for other Melbourne people on this site. Playing guitar is just a continuation of my love of music. I have a huge collection of records, & CDs, have spent hours of my life at gigs (mostly watching local bands) and you are far more likely to find me sitting down and listen to a record at night than watch a T.V.

My guitar journey - Pre Justin

I started guitar in the late 90s for the usual reasons teenage boys learn guitar. I did lessons for about 6 months and learnt the basics. For the next 4 or 5 years I played a fair bit and got to level that was probably the equivalent of Beginner Grade 2 level. During my late 20s and early 30s, I picked up the guitar less and less. Mostly it was because life was becoming busier but I also in hindsight I lacked the roadmap to improve.

Then in 2017, I moved in with my girlfriend who would become my wife and during the move my guitar broke. At the time, I couldn’t justify the cost of paying for another and so I went guitar-less until late 2021 when my wife surprised me by buying me a cheap acoustic as a gift.

My guitar journey - Post Justin

This time around I was really motivated. I was at the stage of my life where I was spending less time out and more time at home. I had two aims. First was to memorise songs from start to finish (including lyrics). Second was to have a more complete understanding of the guitar. Thankfully I found Justin’s site.

How am I doing so far?

Since returning to guitar, I have created a songbook with around 35 songs. 20 of which I have at campfire level and memorised. Another half dozen I can play at a campfire level but I have decided not to commit them to memory (usually because there are too many lyrics to remember) and around 10 songs I am currently working on to various degrees. On top of that there are riffs and bits and pieces that I play.

With the modules, I started at module zero and realised I had been holding the pick wrong for 20 years. I did the whole of beginner grade one pretty quickly with 90% of it being stuff I knew. Grade 2 and I have completed Module 8, 9, 10 and strumming dynamics course. I found with grade 2 stuff, 70% I knew and could play comfortable, 20% I picked up pretty easy, 10% was new stuff that I found challenging (and am still working on)

Future Plans

Bit different to others on this site, my plan is to just do a module every now and then and have big periods in-between to learn and play songs and consolidate (mostly by learning songs). Looking ahead I think Grade 3 is when I will start getting more into concepts that are new to me (probably a 30/70 split between stuff I already know how to do and new things.


Let me offer a formal Welcome to the community in exchange for your official introduction, Morse! I hope you continue to enjoy your journey.

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Welcome to the community Morse Moose. I’m also in Melbourne not too far from you, Mornington Peninsula way.

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Hi, Morse Moose, welcome to the community! Have a lot of fun with your guitar playing!

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Welcome Moose. Nice to have another Aussie, the community gets a bit quiet during our daylight hours I reckon!

I’m from QLD, Brisbane.


Hello and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the backstory it was an interesting read.

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Hi Moose and a belated welcome :wink:

If you’re into guitar, live music, live in Melbourne and have two small kids, you should definitely try to make it down to the Gem bar on the 25th (in 10 days!) to see Skyscraper Stan promote his latest ‘hit’ (less than 500 views on YT as I type :roll_eyes:) He’s my favourite new artist and I think the gig is free :smiley:
You’re welcome :smiley:


Hi Morse Moose,
Better belated than never :smiley:
Greetings and I wish you a lot of more fun :sunglasses:

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Better late than never, I guess: Welcome Morse Moose!

Wishing you loads of fun on your ongoing guitar journey! 20 songs is a lot to know from beginning till end, wow! :clap: Keep it going! :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome. Welcome to the community. I’ve had much fun playing songs around a campfire. It’s simply the best!

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And a belated welcome to you, Morse Moose! Great intro, enjoyed the read! :wave: :sunglasses:

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Hello Morse Moose :smiley:. I’m sending a warm welcome from Austria to Australia :blush:.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m in the middle of grade 2 at the moment and probably won’t move on to the next grade prior to 2024 :slightly_smiling_face:.
Learning songs is my first priority :innocent:.

I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :smiley:.


Hi Morse Moose
Welcome :smiley:
From another Aussie in SE QLD
I enjoyed reading your introduction. Your love of music does really show through :smiley:

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Hey there :clap: welcome to the community (officially), hope you continue to enjoy it :v:

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Hi Morse Moose, welcome to the community. I like your idea of leaving some time between modules to consolidate, instead of waiting to the end of the grade. I enjoyed reading your back story and know that you have found the right place to learn about guitar and learn songs.

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Hi Morse Moose. dobleA answering with a welcome. Knowing the background of fellow students is very interesting on itself and helps other students to tailor replies providing advice and encouragement to the specific situation.

Each one can define his or her own learning path, but while doing so the question of why to wait to learn so many songs that can be played with what he or she already knows is valid. On the other side not working on developing his or her guitar skills can limit the song choices and the ways to play them. I think that alternating both in a systematic way as you’re doing looks for me a valid approach. I tend to work more in parallel that anyway implies some alternation.

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I’ve seen you hanging about Morse Moose. welcome! :upside_down_face:

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Absolutely, my favourite thing about guitar these days is when the sun comes out and I can sit outside with the accoustic, switch off from technology, forget about life for a moment and just play these songs that I have learnt. If someone else is around to join in and singalong even better!



Hello! Welcome to the community! Enjoy your time here.