Belgian coast - Lodewijk reporting in

Hi everybody

I’m a 47-year-old from Belgium, living near the coast. Can definitely recommend, the sea air does a person good! :wink:

Being able to play the guitar has been on my bucket list for at least 15 years, and I decided to do something about it a year and a half ago by starting a course in electric guitar (“Music school” as it’s called here), that also includedes musical theory. I enjoyed the latter very much, but the guitar course was giving me so much anxiety I quit after three months. Don’t really know why as it was a small tutor-led course with two other first-year students. Still, it was sucking all my joy out of playing guitar.

I was thoroughly soured on learning to play after that. After a couple of months, my oldest son started using the guitar (a fender strat); he’s pretty good tbh. Hearing him jamming away got me interested again and after some Google Fu I wound op here. And I’m loving it!

Justin’s lessons just work for me, and being able to do it on my own pace is awesome! I started in January and I’m at module 5 now. I’m really happy with my progress and hope I can keep up the motivation and practice. :slight_smile:

Love the support and help from the community!


Hey Lodewijk - welcome to the community, great to read your introduction. Glad you are finding progress and satisfaction. I started playing at the age of 53 and justin’s courses helped me heaps. Look forward to more contributions from you.

Welcome to the Community, Lodewijk. We all have to find the way to learn, the right teacher, that works for us. Glad you’ve discovered Justin and that it is working for you. Keep on keeping on.

Lodewijk Hi and Welcome.

Good to see your passion rekindled. Sometimes its the teacher who is the problem not the student. It may not be 121 lesson but you’ve discovered probably the best online teacher and found this Community, who will give you nothing but support and encouragement.

Welcome on board, enjoy the ride.



Hello Lodewijk and welcome. :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that you’ve found what works for you.

Hello Lodewijk.
From now on it will be more fun to play guitar every day than the day before,
In any case, you have found the best online teacher in the world… According to many and I agree with that… Have a lot of fun in the coming years…

Hi Lodewijk and welcome to the community! Well done for persisting after your music school experience, it’s got to be about having fun otherwise what’s the point!

It sounds like you’re doing great and you’ve got a jam buddy right there on tap when you need one in your eldest son! Look forward to hearing more about your progress :+1:

Hi Lodewijk,

Welcome - this is where you want to be.

Justine and his team are as good as the best and for me, the JG site has been an invaluable resource. It’s never too late to learn. I’ll be 70yo in a coupe of months, and I’m just getting started! My guitar journey re-ignited about 3 years ago. It’s been challenging and at times frustrating, but when things start to click it’s enormously rewarding. I’ve found that the public library is a great source for supplemental learning material that gives perspective to help lock-in tricky concepts, especially when learning theory (which I’m taking for the second time). Also, change up practice sessions occasionally to keep them fresh - this will will help keep you motivated.

Good luck and have fun!

Hi Lodewijk, welcome to the community. Good the Justin assisted self learning is working for you. This community can help if you get stuck with something and is also a place you can share through audio or video recordings your progress. I’ve been a couple time in Bruges (or Brujas in my native Spanish), last time 2019. Nice sea air as you said.

Hi Lodewijk, fellow countryman :smiley:

Great story and thanks for sharing.
I find it very hopeful to read that people find their old love again thanks to Justins lessons and video’s.

For some, bringing up discipline to work at their own pace can be a pitfall.
For you, it could be the other way around and it becomes an opportunity!

Love to hear from you and your progress.
By all means, share your questions here as well!

If you do need to check in with anybody now and then, I’m a “Justin Guitar Approved Teacher” who can do online sessions with you in your language :wink:

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Welcome my fellow countryman! Take your time while learning, there is no time pressure with Justin lessons :slight_smile:

Just this… I thought real life lessons would be good, but I’m always frustrated when i come back from my real life lessons. The guy has knowledge, but can’t translate it to a structured learning plan :frowning:

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Welcome Lodewijk!!

Glad you found this site and joined in!

Hello Lodewijk, welcome to the community. If you and your son both play then it may be you can make great music together, be each other’s jam buddy and have great fun. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Lodewijk, glad you found a way of learning which works for you and is enjoyable.

I was playing songs from the app this weekend, and he just grabbed his guitar and started playing along! :hugs: It was sweet!