Benny Hill theme on guitar

Terrific guitar playing, and a whole lotta fun watching.
Travel back in time to the hilarious Benny Hill, when life was a lot more sane, and a whole lot more fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very very good. Makes me want to run around the yard all silly and such.

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Can’t remember much about Benny Hill other than him running round a park in stop motion but that was amazing Shane.

Was there sweep picking in there too?

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That was a pleasure to listen, amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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Haha, I recently made a disparaging comment about Mr. Hill, but that was a fine bit of guitar playing right there :smiley:

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Noce share Shane that was great to listen to! Clearly guy knows how to play and does it really well but surprised at early stages of a video how his fingers are flying off the fretboard, not as per Justin way :laughing:

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Yeah, he seems to be doing it with his vibrato alot. Works for him though. :crazy_face:

Just watched a couple of Benny Hill shows tonight on Youtube, after many, many years. Had a great laugh.

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Just listening makes me feel old… I remember the days of Benny Hill well… Fun to watch.

Wow. How did you learn that/ You sound amazing. I remember Benny Hill from when I was little lol. This one was awesome to share :smiley: :smiley:

Some nice playing there sir, your practice time is showing. Enjoyed that thanks for sharing.

Taken me a while to get around to this. Absolutely brilliant, he nailed well and truly. Brought back some good memories and a reminder of a few other dodgy songs.

@sclay good to see you get accolades for playing as well :rofl: :rofl: great share !
Now are you going to take up the challenge, so you can reverse engineer some of the comments ?



Hey Toby. I’ll get back to you in a few years on that one :rofl:.

For others here whose comments suggest that may have been me playing this. Sadly not. It’s a guy called Christian Clemente, a seasoned professional.
Although he’s a much better guitar player than me, I’m better lookin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Cheers, Shane


Dave, he did have a number 1 hit back in the 70’s


:rofl: thanks for that Stefan

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