Best Guitar For Playing With Thumb Sideways

I know a sideways thumb is not the proper way to play, however, having broken both wrists in the past it is the only way I can play comfortably. I’ve tried out several brands and models of guitars so far and the only one that feels comfortable is a Mitchell MS450. It is stated as having a 24.75’’, 12’’ radius, “1960s Slim-Taper Shallow-C” neck profile. My issue is that that does not translate well to other brands. Can anyone offer some advice on which brands/models to try out that has the same or very similar neck profile ?

Thanks in advance. Cheers.

I would say that this is your nearest choice to that guitar:

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll head up to GC and try one out.

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If you’re going there, here’s another few to look at:

This is a bit different but well worth a look.

And this.

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