Best guitar-related audio podcasts for beginners

I’m looking for decent guitar-related podcasts for beginners that I could listen to in the car during on my commute. Obviously I’ll be in the car so listing only i.e. no video or requirement to be playing along. I’m just looking for stuff that will help motivate maybe.

Anyone have any recommendations?



Beginner guitar academy podcast or play guitar podcast with lee Anderson


Guitar Music Theory by Desi Serna

You can find it on spotify.

I second this, a good car listen. Although a lot of theory is beyond me still, hearing the overview is helpful and sets up the future.

Music Student 101 is fun as well. Not guitar oriented but fun to listen to.

Came on to ask the same question. I take a lot of walks and was looking for something that I could listen to that would somehow help my playing or knowledge while not being able to play myself. Going to give these podcasts mentioned in this thread a try.