Best songs using power chords

Hi everyone:
I decided to stay at level 2! for a little longer because I have not accomplished the goal of learning a power chord song. Does anyone have any suggestions for an achievable song for beginners? I reviewed those mentioned in Justin’s lesson. I am sure there are countless options, but hoping for a few to try. I’ve done the zoo by the Scorpions. Melody is cool but the whole song is a bit much. I tried a few others and hoping to find one I can eventually sing and play. My wrist is killing me too- must be a posture thing because I’m fine playing open chords. Thanks for your suggestions.

Any of these:


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Just about anything by the Ramones is fairly simple. (they are fast, but you can go at your own pace). Justin has a lesson for Sheena is a Punk Rocker. You can find lessons for Blitzkrieg Bop on YT. Both are classics (and both awesome!)

Another good one is Fortunate Son by Creedence. I can’t recall if Justin teaches it with power or full barre chords, but in any case, it sounds awesome played with power chords.

Thanks Darrell. Have you tried any of these personally? I never was a big nirvana fan even in the 1990s, but it always is in a list. I prefer Dave grohl in the foo fighters- lol I appreciate the suggestions :grin:

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Green day or The Offspring have plenty of power chords in their songs :slight_smile:

Love those bands. Hopefully I can find a beginner friendly song there. Thanks

Thanks. I will check that out

The only stuff I have done really are a bit beyond your level but I would probably go for Metallica Enter Sandman or CCR Fortunate son maybe Lennie Kravitz Fly away.


Enter sandman is definitely a stretch goal for me. I will play that one one day. Thanks for the suggestions.

You should check out Black Sabbath. The Wizard, Sweet Leaf and Snowblind are at a reasonable tempo, so you could get in the groove after a few attempts.

Thanks- who doesn’t love iron man :metal:

Adding Symptom of the Universe to the list. You literally have to move 2 finger to get the riff.

One thing I quite enjoyed when I started to learn power chords: playing my standard acoustic strummy repertoire using only power chords. I remember playing Let it Be that way and it was just cool (and easier than the original version, once you’ve mastered the power chords).

Sometimes you may find the most unexpected song sounds great in a power chord version:

Basket Case used to be my power chord workout :smiley:
It has a bunch of different chords in different orders, making it a good upgrade if your 3-chord-Ramones-song doesn’t cut it anymore :wink:

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Hi everyone:

You definitely gave me lots of options to think about. I ended up settling on Green Day. (When I come Around). Justin has a lesson on that one and I pretty much got the progression down in one day. I have really taken to his lesson mentioning to focus on the 6 bar chords only. B-A-G and E-D-C. I had to un-train my brain to see it alphabetically, which I was convinced was best. There are so many songs that are using just those 6.

Singing and playing using power chords is a whole new challenge I am working on. I started with Bon Jovi’s “Just Older”, and that one seems to be fairly easy. I hope to post that one here today or tomorrow.

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