Best value BUDGET interface?

Yes I’ve got the connector. The new iPads use a usb-c port.
That of course means I now need different chargers for my iPhone and my iPad. Which leads onto the question of “How many different device chargers do you have in your house? Drives me nuts. :woozy_face:

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Hi Gordon, I tried this using my Samsung phone with the USB adapter that came with it and plugging in my Rocksmith cable. It definitely works. I had my guitar volume all the way up which caused some distortion/clipping so would need to roll that back, but could certainly be a cheap option for someone.
I guess you could also throw a pedalboard in the mix as well for some additional tone/looping options. But yeah it’s possible :wink::+1:
Photo of the setup (less my phone which was taking the photo :joy:)

Here’s the recording for reference…


If you compare it to this, the most popular option it’s quite a difference.

Better dac’s higher sample and bitrates, probably much lower noise, two controllable inputs with balanced xlr etc, monitor output etc.

The rocksmith cable is cheap, this is a ‘pro’ tool


Tell me about it! I’ve got them all now, fortunately all in one unit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And the Focusrite gives you multiple ins and outputs, which the cable does not.

But you can also go for one of the Behringer interfaces, like the UM2, which offer some similar capabilities and are a similar price to the rocksmith cable.

There are similar cables to the Rocksmith one for far less money, of course, for instance:




There are cheaper ones for sure, heard some bad stories about some though.

The Behringer UM2 is $140 here vs $299 for the 2i2 , tho more comparable to the scarlet solo at $249 I think?

Theres a huge range of options here which is good, and confusing!

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Yes, although still a lot cheaper.



Thanks for trying that out Jeff. I’ve been messing about with GarageBand on my iPad although it’s all a bit beyond me. :smiley:
I was thinking perhaps if I connected the guitar direct it might help. I’ve been doing it by recording into GarageBand from my amp using the iPad microphone.

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Nux MP3 (Pro). Direct recording input to pc or iPad/iPhone. Lots of recording options. Also great little silent practice amp with amazing amp/Efx /IR cab options, backing tracks (load your own), drums, etc. You can output feed to aux in on an amp too. Fits in your pocket. Plenty of reviews, demos on utube. Love mine,

Just posted about this item in another thread but the Fender Mustang Micro and the Harley Benton DNAfx-GiT Mobile can both be used to connect to and record on a computer for less than the cost of an entry-level audio interface. The nice thing is they are amp modelers too so all you need is some free DAW software like Reaper and you are good to go! No need for extra software like Guitar Rig or Amplitube to get a tone that doesn’t sound like a guitar plugged into your computer’s sound card.

Hope this is helpful.

Cheers! :beers:

Okay, this looks way more powerful than either one of the Harley Benton or Fender options. I love that you can adjust everything via an app and you’re not trying to remember which color LED is for which amp model or effect.

You can also add custom backing tracks, assign specific setting to track timeline eg. Clean then Overdriven then back to Clean setting, and device changes setting automatically at the corresponding set points while the track is playing. Record to iPad/PC/phone or livestream

The solutions listed above all look great but remember that the OP was looking for the best value BUDGET solution.
The £15 cable will take some beating!

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Reaper is great value for money, but not free. It does provide a fully-functional free trial for 30/60 days (I forget which), thereafter the license is 60USD (at least was when I purchased). But that is not regulated in the software, depends on the individual to honour that as the trial is not time-locked in anyway.

There are other DAWs that are free, such as Ardour.

Some clarification:

Ardour is Open Source and that means you can download the source code and build your own version for free.

The official project also provides an official executable build (and installer) but this is not free. You pay a donation for this which can be as little as $1. The suggested amount is $25.

This all goes towards the continued development of the software.



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Rob/Gordon. I’ve just recently got the Scarlett 2i2 and am just starting to play about with it. One of the attractions of this ,apart from the price point and reviews, is to use this along with a microphone to eventually feel confident enough to participate in an open Mic session. Currently I have only recorded myself though the MacBook onboard mic which is fine in itself, but with the additional software which comes packaged with the interface could see me heading down the infamous ‘rabbit hole’ which I hope might make me sound almost sufferable?
Time will tell! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are right, my mistake.