Better Together by Jack Johnson Lesson

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Hi peeps, this link does not work.

Works okay for me Mal.

Yes, me also now. When it first posted it was too soon. I was quite excited to learn it as I had just seen a cover on YouTube by Music for Change. It was the first time I have come across the song, and love it already.

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Jack Johnson is a great artist Mal. Check out his, In between dreams album. Lots of great songs on there that would be really good to learn and play. His best album to date in my opinion.

I am looking at him and the song lessons Justin has, will definitely learn some. From what I have heard so far I like his stuff.

I love Jack Johnson too & got really jazzed to see this collab:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I love playing the song on the acoustic. One thing I really struggle with ist the screeching sound when i switch chords (especially in the chorus when you dont have time to lift the hand). In fact it is so loud that i can’t really hear the sound. I really try to play it as mellow and soft as possible.

have a very thick E String which was included on my Martin guitar.

Should i change my strings in order to avoid these annoying noises? I also have a thick cornea from playing on my 3rd finger which helps with the screeching sound.

Any tips?

Am I crazy or is the album version a semitone higher than the version taught by Justin here?