Big Me Cover by JK

That’s great info Adrian, thanks! Will make playing the song more enjoyable. Funny tabs miss out so much info, the one I found didn’t have any of that. Although my research consisted of googling “big me chords” and using the top link from ultimate guitar.

If I work this out right, C with the pinky down is still C, and is the Am, Am7?

On ultimate guitar you have many different types of how music is written, it can be in chords which leaves a player things to figure out himself, you have tabs which usually shows exactly what you should play according to the author of tabs and there is also a guitar pro file you can download and play using Guitar Pro software which is advanced version of tabs.

Now with the names - yes and yes, 2 out if 2 makes a perfect A :blush:

Thanks @CT. If I could get away without singing I would, it’s not the same listening to a chord progression, though. Like you say, in service to the song.

Hello, great live performance, I really liked your guitar playing, and vocals too!


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Updated this one after Adrian’s feedback (Thanks @adi_mrok!), I’ve been practising this one with chord embellishments and it sound a lot better. Did a tempo more like the album version as well.

Just recorded on my iPhone while away… with my budget Yamaha guitar and after a day at the beach with sunburn!

I’ve updated the first post and here:


Guitar sounded great, JK. Vocal was a a little soft so try again and belt it out … maybe after another lager :wink:

Have you considered signing up for the next OM?

I think we have a growing group of folk in Australia and would be great to have you all performing.

Thanks David. Point taken on the singing volume here - honestly tried to sing louder than last time but I think because I was mostly facing away from the mic and the guitar towards… it came out super quiet. Thought screw it, upload anyway and move on to the next song.

My singing deteriorates rapidly with extra lagers (although I do prefer a good craft ale!)

I might give an OM a shot at some stage. Australia to UK time is a killer though. I think I checked the time out for the last one as an attendee and it was going to be around 5am - ouch. Did watch some of the recording on YouTube though.

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JK, we set the time based on the participants. What we can’t do is come up with a time that is convenient for both east coast Australia and west coast USA/Canada that are on the outer boundaries.

We have had one OM that was set up to be an evening event in Australia and a morning in EMEA.

As I said in the Topic polling for interest for the next one, I would love us to have sufficient participants from both east and west that we run two events to accommodate both extremes, with the participants in EMEA choosing one or the other. Just dependent on getting enough participants from around the world.

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Guitar sounded great JK!!! A bit low volume on the voice. But an fine performance nevertheless!!

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I definitely dig more this version JK! Really well done with a pinky, as you probably found out while learning takes a while to get some extra strength in your pinky and time for it to become accurate. You did really good job in such a short time, awesome! And love birds singing in the background :grin: all the best

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Great job JK, your last few OMs and these vids have given me a nod to look at the FFs as i hadn’t really heard much of them surprisingly! Great job and I love your dog!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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@Lots of goodness here, JK. I really liked the guitar on the second one. The vocal sounds good but just needs you to project more. Best to you on your consolidation, too.

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Super strumming and rhythm pattern JK. Yes the pinky embellishments made that version and lifted it above your previous one. You captured the FF vibe of the original although it has to be said that making a song totally your own works too.
Re the vocal volume, you’ve got to remember to sing more loudly than normal when recording with a phone otherwise the guitar can overpower the voice a bit. Especially when the guitar sound-hole is facing the phone and you sing facing to the left. But hey it was an outdoor “let’s get something recorded” situation and you’re hardly going to take mics and wires on your travels. Well done.

Edit. Have just realised this performance is from April ‘22. A bit late to the party! Must have missed it at the time because you added it to the previous one.

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Oh wow, this is one of my earliest AVOYPs coming to the surface! @MadModMcd @oldhead49 @sairfingers

I’d been playing for around 6 months at this point :crazy_face: It’s from almost a year ago. My singing has improved a little bit (although not much).

Sadly my old dog passed away shortly after turning 16 so he’s not around anymore.

I think someone (JK) has bumped this one just to show off his lager, sun and superb setting. :wink:

That was great JK, really nicely played and sung, those pesky birds though chirping in and spoiling your groove.

Nice to see your dog in there. Boarder Collies are one of my favourites. Had one many years ago, such a great dog.

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Hey JK,
Took in your most recent offering here. Nice to see you on the acoustic for a change. Sounded good! As noted, the vox needs to up it’s game in level. But still very enjoyable and well done. Poor dog looks hot?

Keep it up mate and all the best,