Big Me Cover by JK

Hey everyone,

It’s been a couple of weeks since my first one so I thought I’d record another video. Turns out it’s challenging to record - the house is noisy during the day, I have to wait for everyone to go to bed at night to give it a shot!

The cover is Big Me, by the Foo Fighters. I sang on this one… forgive my terrible singing ability but I noticed that people’s videos were more interesting with some singing. I recorded this one in a really simple way, just with the mic on my Scarlett 2i2 and my webcam, straight into the webcam software (no DAW).

I’m open to all feedback - help me improve. I’m in the consolidation phase of grade 2.


Here’s another live redux version after feedback from @adi_mrok. Added the chord embellishments (and some sunburn). Just a phone cam this time!


Dude!! That was great!!!
Enjoyed it a lot.
The playing was nice. Your voice sounds great!

The one thing that i have found out about my voice and singing is that i cant hold back. Like sometimes i hold back a bit, not to bother the other in the house or i simply think it sounds terrible and embarrising. That dont work for me at all.
I suspect that you kept back your voice in order to not wake up the house. I am pretty sure if you push your voice a bit it will sound absolutly amazing.
Just my two cents😁

Guitar vice i cant comment on, think it sounded good…

Yeah JK that was great! You captured a great mood with the strumming dynamics there, I’m working on singing with a more complex strumming pattern but not quite there yet. I’m a few modules behind you (just started 12) so I’ll use your example as my goal there!!
I agree with Trond and when you’re ready to, just let your voice go you’ll find your confidence comes naturally, and honestly that sounded a long way better than “terrible”! Awesome job, looking forward to your next one. :clap:

JK, that was great, really enjoyed it. I’d have enjoyed it more if I could hear your singing over the guitar. From what I heard you have a pleasant voice. But I know it takes some practice to song over the guitar and be heard clearly when recording wi9th a single mic.

Keep on keeping on.

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That was great JK, I enjoyed that. The change of strumming pattern gave the song an extra dynamic. Nice clean chords with a barre F too!

As has been said, your vocal was a bit quiet, probably a combination of mic position and being self conscious about singing. Your voice sounded good to me so next time just go for it. :smiley:

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Thanks Trond. It’s a song I’ve liked since I was a teenager. My voice though - I’ve just started trying to get better at singing (with some online practice), and have always struggled to sing in key. Definitely doesn’t come natural for me.

Glad you liked it Mark. I find singing while playing is harder, some songs I can play easily by themselves I end up making a lot of mistakes when singing. There’s a couple I can’t even play at all! Glad that this is a goal for you :grinning:.

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:grinning: That was deliberate so my voice didn’t take away from the guitar, I’d tested and angled the mic to the guitar and away from my mouth. I’ll keep in mind for future videos.

Thanks @sairfingers. The F was initially a challenge but daily practice has made it easy.

Love Foo Fighters… one of the best bands in my opinion. I also find Foo Fighters a bit challenging to sing for some reason…

But again. Your voice is nice. Do belive you have to push it a little bit, and do some experience with a capo, that can also be a great help sometimes.
I too struggle to get in the right key, i often have to listen to a song a numerous times and try to replicate key etc.

Keep up the good job!! :+1:

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You sound great JK, both vocally and guitar. There’s a cruisy vibe I like a lot.

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Thanks Maggie!

Great job! Smooth chord changes and strumming. This is my favorite FF song. Keep it up. And keep singing :smiley:

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Great job Mr Kahn.

I have to agree with what Trond say’s in regard to the vocal. Maybe time to send everyone off on a day trip and then you can really let loose.

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Hi JK I did a cover of this one just before I purchased my recording kit so I never got to publish it :grinning: your version is a fine one no doubt, but as a FF fan and as you are asking about critique there we go!

If you were going into something of your own it’s fine as it is, but if you wished to be closer to the original then speed was a bit too slow to my ears comparing to original. And the main one - where are those stuck 3&4 chords? :grinning: it gives so much more to the song when you add your pinky every now and then and it’s a great practice to your pink as well so have a go at it!

All in all I enjoyed your cover well done :slight_smile:

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And it’s another thumbs up from me :+1:
It’s all been said upstairs ^^
Funny the way we make excuses/rationalisations. I used to comment that I sing to distract from my crummy guitar playing :wink:
You come across as you’re enjoying it, so you’re on the right path.
Good stuff and keep on.


Thanks for the feedback Adrian, I’m always looking to improve. The tempo I based off the skin and bones acoustic version rather than the album version. The stuck chords though - do you mean the 4 finger G instead of 2 finger one? I based the chords off a tab and tried to verify a bit with that video, hard with all the cuts to different shots though.

Thanks for the feedback @brianlarsen @NickDelRey and @SgtColon.

Well done sir! You’re off to a great start. Nice strumming and clean chords. I’m not much of a singer myself, but we have to sing in service to the song, so hats off for playing and singing and for releasing a public video. Nice share!

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When you play repetitive chord progression so C Am G F while playing C and Am try putting your small finger on 3rd fret thinnest E string while doing up strums, so assuming pattern


You put your smallest finger on all up strums. Try playing around with it, listen to original and you will pick it up :wink: I would post my recording but am away from home for a week so only can do it after which by then probably you will figure it out yourself :wink: here is Justin lesson on it, it’s not only G with two bottom strings covered that could be classified as stuck chord :blush: