Big thank you justin

Hi. I’m just so excited​:+1::grinning: I am 68 and learnt a few chords at school and could play 3 tunes. September 2021 I decided to buy an acoustic guitar and started learning again with JustinGuitar App. I’m now on Module 8 and loving it. I have been playing chords and can play 3 tunes finger picking I live in supported housing and we have a communal lounge. I have played in the communal lounge a few times and it went down well :+1::grinning: The home warden is arranging a buffet for the Jubilee Celebrations and has just sled me to play there :+1::grinning:. I use JustinGuitar backing music app with my iPhone bluetoothed to my iPhone speaker. It works a treat :+1::grinning:. I never in a million years thought I would achieve all this and my songs list is growing fast. A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO JUSTINSGUITAR FOR MAKING ALL THIS POSSIBLE
PS I’m thinking of busking next :crazy_face:


Welcome to the community kerina.

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Brilliant Kerina, not only for your learning so far but also for already playing in front of an audience, and with a Jubilee gig upcoming. Well done! :clap:

Now that’s a big step!

Well done. Big congrats to you on your achievements! :smiley:

Only a few months in and playing to a live audience! Huge kudos, well done and keep going and keep us posted !