Billy’s Song - original

Made this for my son’s 28th birthday today. Tried to break out of my usual key of G and do something a bit different.


Hey @think2100
You’re pretty good at this songwriting;

  • It has an interesting story,
  • it has some light rhymes without being too obvious
  • it has a bridge and alternate versions of sections later on.
  • It has subtle lead decorations in there as well.

I really enjoyed this and I was curious to hear the whole story so mission succesful!

I think many would benefit from you telling us how you approach songwriting and how this song came to be. (no pressure :wink: )


Loved it Jay, and got a bit emotional listening to it to be honest, as it brought up some memories of my own family.
Very heartfelt tune mate, with a wonderful little melody supporting lyrics.

Cheers, Shane

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Thank you. Lieven, I wish I could say how I do songwriting, but it varies a lot. Sometimes I come with lyrics first and sometimes they’re last. Sometimes I start with a chord progression I like, but usually that progression will change as the song progresses. I don’t know much about theory, so there’s always a lot of noodling involved. In this case, I knew I wanted to do something different. All the previous songs had been in the key of G with pretty predictable sequences. I think I started with the melody on this one and went for something that sounded less predictable to me even though those first few notes are tough for me to sing. Then I intentionally interrupted the flow of the verses and chorus with a very different bridge. Here I borrowed a bit from a Moody Blues tune that walks up a couple of A shaped chords to the Hendrix chord. And then the ending, another departure from the predictable, came from lots of noodling, although I think had I known music theory better, that might have come faster. Finally, I wrote the lyrics, and generally as I’m doing this , I need to go back and change some things in the song. One thing has been consistent. When I start writing a song, I get obsessed with it, often spending 8 or more hours a day on it until it’s finished.


a solid, predictable structure where you create different “branches”, breaking out, aiming for unpredictability. Seems to work well!

Loved the song and slideshow, Jay. I recall you were looking to incorporate lead licks in between vocal lines, a little call and response, in a previous song. I think you nailed that in this arrangement.

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Loved this! It’s so sweet!
Thanks for posting :slight_smile: Happy birthday to Billy too

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An excellent, heartfelt song, very well performed and truly resonated with me.

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Great song! I hope your son enjoyed too :blush:

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Sung from the heart Jay. I liked the arrangement with the rhythm interspersed with lead guitar.
The change of key and the less predictable progression kept the song interesting.
Well done.

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Nice write. Struck me as being McCartney-esque.

Liked the structural changes within the songs; several different elements which all knitted together perfectly.


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Hi Jay,
Nice song and nice video… :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

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Hi Jay,
I must say, you have never failed to impress me with your songs.
This kind of writing and performing is about the pinnacle of what I’d like to achieve.
You da man! :sunglasses:
Oh yes, and belated happy birthday to Billy :smiley:

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Awsome Jay!!!
Just awsome!!

What an stunning performance! Thank you.

And happy B-day to Billy :partying_face:

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Niiiiiiiiiiice, Jay! That was a great song. Loved the video as well.

Did your son appreciate it?

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Yes, Billy liked it.

Great job bro it’s nice. I love my kids too.

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