Black Friday Special, App, etc

Just spotted the JustinGuitar’s Black Friday Special, which looks rather tempting (though converting to AUD makes me shudder a bit at the price).
But it lists " 40% off when purchasing a Lifetime Access gift card for the Lessons & Songs App! [Save USD 100]"
I’ve never heard of Lifetime Access for the App, and I can’t find out where or how you can get it!
Can anyone enlighten me.

While looking into this, I tried to login to the App on the app via web browser, but I can’t workout what email/password to use. I’ve had the App for a couple of years on my iPhone, and I’ve never needed to login. It tells me it’s separate to my JustinGuitar login as the App and .com are not synced. What’s the deal?

Danny some on going discussion here you may find interesting,

Yeah I just went through this crap myself.

There is zero point in logging in through the website if you already have the app.

One of their newsletter really screwed me up as it had a link to this site for their new Halloween songs, so I thought if I followed the link, I’d you know, see the new Halloween songs.

(My app has been a bit buggy for showing new songs, so I thought it would be great to be able to see them on my laptop.)

So it wouldn’t show me anything without logging in, and like you, it wouldn’t accept my app sign in credentials. So I emailed them and it says that the only way you can login to the website is if you sign up for the app through the website. So when I renewed I did it through the website, using the same credentials…

All it shows is a QR code so you can download the app and when your subscription started and ends…

Which was a real bummer because I actually lost all of my favorites and playlists because of it (a years worth). I must have purchased the app before it had a login option so I was using the app in a ‘not logged in’ state.

So when I was trying to login to the website, I logged onto the app using my google account (as that’s what’s connected to the android play store where I purchased the app) and when I did that, it treated me like a brand new user and all my saves and progress was reset…

From that point I couldn’t use the app anymore ‘logged out’ so there was no way to get back to my previous saved stuff…

And yeah, I emailed them, and nothing they can do about it.

Here’s the place to buy the Lifetime pack by itself:

And yeah, Aussie here too, so an extra $100. It hurts…

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Thanks for the link. So Just over AUD300 for lifetime app (wish I’d found that a couple of years ago), or a bit over AUD600 for the lot. And 5 days to work out if I can afford the special. AUD at its lowest for the past month.

I just got the lifetime app gift card (not the whole bundle) yesterday - my renewal date from the one-year I had is next week and I was going to renew for at least one more year anyway, so I figured why not get lifetime access for a little more than the price of 2 more years. It took me a while to figure out how to redeem my code, fussing around trying to find it online. I finally ended up going into the app (which I use on my laptop) and stumbled across a ‘Redeem’ button in the lower left, which allowed me to put the gift card code in. Now my expiration date is 10/7/2223 :laughing:


Wow ! 2223 :exploding_head: You better add the app to your last will and testament. :rofl:


Ooh, do I, don’t I, do I don’t I. My sub expires midnight tonight and I really like the app. Theres a lot of songs that I can’t play because of the speed but, I’m just about half way into G2. Tough choice, I would need for at least another year.!


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