Lifetime License?

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Same. Buying is much better than renting


I never used the app but my understanding is that it can be helpful for beginners.
Lifetime access would be a redundant feature for most people, who will have moved on.
Why not simply purchase a full year’s access? (if that’s only available on a repeat subscription model, surely you can sign up for a year and cancel?) :thinking:

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Hi Nikos,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

And What Brian taps here is what I wanted to tap too, it wouldn’t go well with your guitar journey if you used this app for many many years…

Ps:I didn’t use the app either because I started just a little earlier than the app existed ,but I know how it works and sounds and now 3 years later (and a little earlier too) I wouldn’t need or want to use it anymore…I understand your aversion to subscriptions, I hate that myself, but in this case I would really make an exception…
I hope this helps you with the decision,

Greetings ,Rogier

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I go along with Brian and Rogier on this one when it comes to the app. I’ve found myself using it less and less now as I’ve improved. IMO once you get to a point where you’re happy with chord shapes, most of the time, you’ll find yourself wanting to play along to the original recording or a good backing track in the original key.

Don’t get me wrong, the app is absolutely invaluable for both the early journey, tools such as the OMC tracker and most importantly learning songs, songs, songs (TM @Richard_close2u ) and allowing you to develop with less frustration by slowing tempo etc. but you do outgrow it so a lifetime license in some ways would be a waste (again imo!!). And plenty of other ways to still contribute as you already do, whether that’s through the physical products or other courses, music theory, strumming etc…


lifetime access to the beginner app would be equivalent to lifetime access to a driving school. once you know, you know. after grade 2 or 3 it becomes you have the skills to press on. now if one day they add the intermediate grades, that might be beneficial.


On board with the replies already posted.

I loved the app, great tool, gets you playing music early. So helpful and encouraging. But, after a while you gots to move on. It is a beginner tool, 1-2 years at most if you actually practice and progress. 2 years is probably pushing it.

If I used the app now? It would be holding me back.

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I can’t see it becoming a lifetime subscription as the costs incurred for licensing fees for the songs included in the app need to be recovered. And to keep the app fresh you would want the latest songs added along the way. If you have an aversion to the subscription model and will never choose to go down that route then there are other ways to support JG and you could always learn the songs through Justin’s song lessons (creating your own chord sheets) and play along to the original records slowing them down by other means.

Thank you all for your responses. Yes, I do see your very valid point here that this is probably an app that is aimed at beginners and as such, it wouldn’t make much sense to introduce a lifetime license. I was under the impression that the app included all the lessons (even the more advanced books and lessons), which at least for me, would be valuable for many years to come.

If there aren’t any plans to expand on the content, then yes, I guess lifetime would not make much sense.

Thanks again everyone.

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One thing to add in relation to @brianlarsen comment is that a one year subscription includes the strumming course saving you $39. Not sure where you are on your learning adventure but if the strumming course included is of use to you then may be worth a year’s subscription and then cancelling at the end of the year.

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Hello Nikos :grinning:

Welcome to the community. Have lots of fun!

You’ve started an interesting topic here, and I’d like to join the queue, because I’m not a fan of subscriptions either (in general), but would like to buy some more stuff here, too.

Concerning the song app, I can see a lot of very good points in this thread already, but I’m also thinking of other lessons like the music theory course.
Parts 1 and 2 are free (and great!), and I’d love to continue it when I’m in Grade 3. But unlike the strumming course there just seems to be a monthly or annual subscription :worried:

And speaking of payment … an option for PayPal would be nice.
It works well for donations already, so maybe it can be made possible for purchases like merch or jam tracks, too?!
Well, my wishlist is quite long today …

Thanks, Nikos, for bringing up this topic :slightly_smiling_face:
Enjoy your musical journey here :guitar:

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Hi there!

Thanks for all the great feedback; please keep them coming!

For the app - Musopia doesn’t plan to make it a lifetime purchase.

We always want to make other products on the site the most accessible possible for you, so I’ll bring this to Justin’s attention.

We’d love to integrate PayPal into our payment system, but we have some backlog we need to fix first. But we’ll get there.




Thank you Laryne for your lightning fast response - and for caring so much about everything here. :slightly_smiling_face:
It is very much appreciated! :blue_heart:

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Maybe I am missing something but being also interested in a lifetime license I noticed that there is a lifetime membership gift card available on the app website (Lifetime membership - learn without limit, with full access to lessons, exercises and 1,500+ hit songs as long as you like.) which sounds like what is being discussed here?

Hi Axel @Ax1ck,
It appears there is now an offer to purchase a gift card for lifetime access to the app, and it’s currently discounted to $199.99 (usually $249.99). Seems there was a change of heart regarding this somewhere along the way!

Welcome to the community. :smiling_face:

It seen a lot of people out grow the app after a couple of years so I’d think it over before shelling out $200.

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At the same time there are a lot of people that live and die by the app, so good on Musopia for introducing the option. I’m sure there will be a few happy bunnies this Christmas.


My only issue with this is that I just renewed my yearly membership for the app last month, so I’m really hoping that I can use that money towards the lifetime.

I’ve been doing JustinGuitar for a couple years now on and off. I’ve completed the first two grades through the app and started on three, but three felt too focused on conceptual stuff for me at the moment, so I’ve gone back to further solidify my grade two stuff before continuing.

I do actually see myself still using the app (especially if I can get lifetime) well into the future, past the point where I actually need it. I likely don’t even really need it now.

But it’s actually just fun to use.

I like being able to get home from work, load up the app, pick a random song that I’ve flagged on my favorites, but I’ve never played before, and just play along. There are many songs that I’ve played that I would never take the time to look up on my own as there would be other songs that would take priority over them, whereas with the app, it’s zero effort. If I end up not liking the song, I just move on with no wasted effort. And if I really like the song, I might then decide that it’s worth the effort to learn it off app.

Usually if there are new songs that come out, I’ll give them all a test run, and I find that I like playing quite a few songs that I wouldn’t normally even have listened to, let alone take the time to learn how to play.

Furthermore, I often find that some songs I really love are a lot easier to play than I thought they would be and I’m like, wow, I can already play that.

That said, I do realize there is a point that one can achieve in skill where you can just listen to a song and know the chords and basically be able to play it on the spot, but I think I’ll get many years out of the app before I ever reach that stage.

So yeah, it does have some benefits that some might not think about…

I would absolutely love it though if they made advanced versions for all the songs, where it stays in the original key, so you could manually choose between basic and “real.” That would be truly awesome!

I don’t know if it was my initial post that prompted Justin’s team to think about a lifetime subscription but in any case, I’m surely glad we got it! What I wasn’t expecting though was the fact there seem to be different offerings available, depending on your level and what you want to focus on.

To my understanding, the app contains just the beginner courses and accompanying songs; the intermediate and advanced courses are not included in the app and are only available on the website (most of them for free, God bless him!)

There is also another offering, the The Ultimate Bundle offered also on the website which contains the Music Theory and Strumming courses, among others, which if you get, you are also provided with a 40% discount towards the app lifetime membership.

Is all this fragmentation really necessary? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to unite all courses, (present and future) under a single umbrella?

What source do you use for playing along with recordings or backing tracks?

With the YouTube controversy going on right now, I’m afraid I might not be be using YT for much in the future if it goes the way it’s looking to be going.