Black Keys Thickfreakness

Played a little when I was in grade school (self taught, never good) and picking it back up now (in 30s) since January. Been learning a lot from this site. Anyways, this is a fun song to play!


Very cool, Stephen; a fine entrance into the community. This was the first Black Keys album I bought, and that’s probably my favorite track off the album. Sounded good. I’d love to hear it with a drum beat going along with it. (You can find some prerecorded beats in different tempos if you search youtube for “lumbeat”.)

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Good job Stephen, what a great way to say hello to the community.

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Very nicely done Stephen. I do like me some Black Keys.

Welcome to the community as well. :slight_smile:

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That sounds great man, this is the first time I’ve heard of Black Keys, thanks for the introduction to a new band :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Community, Stephen.

Some fine playing and wicked tone.

Look forward to you joining in here.

Gnarly fuzz tone. Well done!