Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Hi there,

so, I am aware that last week in one of AVOYP topics of mines I wrote that I will not post anything for about two weeks, cause I’m learning Iron Man, and, in practice, that’s actually not that far off from the truth. For this past week, I’ve been practising this song like 30 min. a day, just to get it sounding half way decent without any distortion; distortion I will add after when without any distortion the song sounds good enough.

So far, the biggest challenge for me (aside from string buzzing, but that’s another story one that will be taken care of in the future, so don’t mind that) is to cleanly slide from 15 17 xxxx to 14 16 xxxx those three times; those slides half the time sound muddy, however, IMO, its quite better than whence I started with this song. The other biggest problem is that little lick after the end of the first chorus riff (… “That he will soon unfold”… and there’s that 7 9 xxxx 7 9 xxxx etc. riff), is to quickly transition to the 6 4 (on G string) 6 5 4 2 (on D string), and maybe not as much as quickly transition, is that, if I don’t look at my picking hand, on 6 5 4 2 notes, I pick the wrong string. So, I have to work on this as well. Of course, and there’s the outro, in the video, after the last pre-chorus riff, you see me hesitating, that’s because I can’t remember how it goes, so I have to look in my notebook and see the notes to be played, and some of them, I muck up.

But, I await for all other advices regarding this song on how to better it:

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I highly recommend you watch this.

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Yeah, I’m well aware of Justin’s lesson, however, I’m learning it as per Cifra Club lesson (cause Justin’s lesson is just the main riff and verse + intro). It’s the same power chords only on different strings.

Then why don’t you ask on the Cifra Club Forum? If he doesn’t have a forum or way to ask about his lessons or post videos it’s not much of a Club is it.

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Then take my advice and learn it from the Number One Guitar ranked teacher on the internet.

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Aurimas, I don’t know the song well enough to make a useful comment on the timing and feel. There are moments that sound rough, which I’m sure you have noticed. All I’d say is slow down to master the technique, specifically the power chord with a slide bit.

While you may be learning from another source, perhaps still worth looking at Justin’s lesson and integrating with what you pick up from the other.

Might also be worth playing along to a metronome to help with getting the timing right.

Thanks, David. Yeah, I have been working on those slides (and I’ve seen Justin’s lesson. I guess playing B5 D5 E5 etc. on A and D strings instead of E and A strings is easier for transitioning, because the riffs then are in a lower position, which is fine, but as I’ve stated above, Justin doesn’t do the whole song, just parts of it, mainly the Main Riff and the Verse Riff, which is kinda the same thing, just, instead of power chords, single notes, and instead of slides, pull offs), and today they sound better than yesterday.

Have been playing parts of the song with the metronome and along the recording as well, and I don’t know, I managed to keep time along Ozzy’s vocals and during the guitar riffs parts (cause I’ve played it along the recording a bit slower than I do here; I’m aware that this version is a bit faster than it should be and I don’t linger after certain transitions, because that was not my intention).

But, yeah, that is just the first version, there will be more of them…

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The tab you’ve found sounds wrong to me.
I’m not referring just to the absence of the hammer ons and the slides which could be just the way you played it but where on the neck certain things are played.

This song in particular has been covered millions of times and there are some really very good lessons on youtube.

I don’t know what that Cifra club thing is but if they can’t get this one right, I won’t even google them.

My recommendation would be to find another tab/lesson and watch and listen (on repeat) Black Sabbath playing it (live preferably).

Well, the majority of lessons that I’ve found do it the way Cifra Club does it, and only a few do it the way Justin does it. And, as I side note, even in one lesson the author says that you can either do it as 79xxxx or x24xxx. The former sounds heavier. Its still the same B5 chord…

I play the riff at the 7th and 9th frets too. I wasn’t talking about that.
I saw Justin’s lesson again.
It reminded me that I started with his lesson but then I found a better tab/lesson which, to my ears, sounded better and was closer to how Iommi plays it live.

On the main riff try sliding from 10-12 to 12-14 and then picking again.

At 0:17 where you play 7 on the e, 5 on the A and again 5 to 7 on the A, I play it 7 and 10 on the e, 5 hammer on to 7 and 7 again on the A.

At the riff aroun 0:50 you seem to not have planned your fingering. It has helped me a lot when I have spent time experimenting what fingering works for me in order to flow from one riff to the next.

The riff at ~1:35 you start at the 5th fret on the A string. The riff starts at the 7th fret of the e amd goes 7 10 on the e to 7 on the A, 7 8 9 on the A and 7 8 9 on the D.

The pre solo riff at around 1:55 is entirely off I’m sorry to say.
It goes 11 to 9 on the D, 11 10 9 on the A, 7 7 9 9 on the e.

I didn’t have time to finish your video, sorry for that.

Try the recommendations above, work on your timing and watch Iommi playing it live :wink:

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Thanks for your observations, will look in to them.

Regarding the tab, well, on youtube, I just found their drum track for this song (don’t know whether I can post it her, though), and tried playing along as per their tabbed out riffs to the drums and the track going on until the start of the solo at least, and, it sound consistent with the music. So, either there are not one way to play the song, or… I don’t know. Regardless, I’m going to also try-out Mr. Tabs video lesson, which is closer to what you are suggesting.

So, here’s version two on soundcloud as unplugged sound.

Decided to merge Cifra version and other versions in to one (this time, has more slides, the post chorus riff is a bit different).