Hello, I’m new here. Here is my arrangement of the best ever sir Paul McCartney’s song :slight_smile:



Wow, lots of techniques going on there. Very nice by the way.

Blown away :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush:

What Rachel said – Wow! So much technique at work. Maybe you should be a teacher rather than a student.

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Thank you, sir :slight_smile:
I hate teaching :smiley:

That was quite something, Alexey, thanks for sharing. You will find an audience here and opportunity to play for an online virtual audience.

The primary purpose of this Community is to support people learning the instrumentm typically without any prior musical experience or maybe a smattering in their youth and now returning in later years.

Will be lovely to have your contribution towards that purpose and to hear more of music.


Thank you, I’ll try to do my best :slight_smile:

Wow, that was beautiful. Loved your arrangement and playing. Thanks for sharing, Best wishes Alan.

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Too good! Super arrangement and amazing execution. Really lovely. Tell me you can’t sing :joy:

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@saturno I could, once upon a time…

But I don’t sing anymore.

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You are a very accomplished player Alexey, loved that arrangement, fabulous harmonics - I hope there’s more songs on the way :clap:t3:

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That was beautiful. Looked so complicated and effortless at the same time.

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Wow! Alexey that was beautiful and inspiring! :clap:
I agree, great song too :slight_smile:

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Wow, Alexey. Great mix of techniques and made it look very easy. As David said hopefully you are able to share some or your musical wisdom with us mere mortals :+1:

Nice guitar cupboard behind, is that climate controlled or just to keep them tidy and dust free.

I’m sure you are also aware of Kfir Ochaion? I follow his music a fair bit and he has great style and technique.

Thanks, everyone.
@CD02 Craig, you are too kind. Thank you. I know who Kfir is, I’m not aquatinted with him personally.
The guitar cupboard is not humidified, but we have 45-55% of humidity throughout the year here.
As for the wisdom sharing, I’m just looking around, I’m not sure how things are done here. In other circles we have zoom hangouts, where we talk and listen.

Wow pro in the house let me step aside

:+1: Just call it as I see it Alexey. We are lucky here too with our standard humidity being pretty guitar friendly.

I’m sure once you have hung around here and seen what people are doing you’ll be able to assess if its for you.

I think I saw some time ago that people were trying to organise online meet ups etc but not sure if that ever got going? I’m sure others here would have a better idea.

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Brilliant performance, Alexey!
A wonderful and interesting arrangement.
Well, the guitar playing technique is just a super pro level :+1:
It’s a great pleasure to see and hear this.
I will be happy to see your new videos!

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Beautifully played Alexey. But I suggest you should not be posting here as this is a guitar learning site and most of us are beginners/early intermediate players and you are clearly well beyond that.
It’s great to listen to superb players but this is not a site for ‘look what I can do’ players.
If you can offer support and encouragement to others then that would be a different thing.

Wonderful arrangement, beautifully played. I liked those seemingly effortless arpeggios, and the harmonics, too. Plenty of woodshedding behind such a performance!

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