Blackout and Crazy Train - band practice for show

For an upcoming show. Latest song added to the list. Blackout by Scorpions and Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne.

Please enjoy!


Really enjoyed that John. :guitar: Keep on Rockin’

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Hi John. I enjoyed watching the covers.

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Great stuff John🤘

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A couple of great songs there John and I’m sure they will go down a storm at your next show.

How are you finding your nerves are when you know a show is coming up?

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It use to take me 3-4 songs for the nerves to die down, now it’s not as bad.

I’d rather be out playing live than practicing, the cheers after a song is finished is exhilarating.

3 shows next month and I can’t wait.

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That is good to hear on the nerves and I’m sure the adulation at the end is worth the beginning John.

I hope your upcoming shows are a big hit.

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Killswitch on top form !! When are they not ? Thanks for the share John, where’s the next gig ? Keeping the bikers happy I hope. Scorpions was a new one for me but really liked it and see it gave you a good work out :wink: Crazy Train was a blast, as its a frequent flyer on the car’s music server. Thought the guys did it justice. Well done lads, keep killing them.

Rad! Thanks for sharing! :metal: :metal: :metal:

hi John!
great live runs. I’m really high.
Killswitch has a great drive and a cool staff.
I wish you successful shows in October!
Keep on rocking,

Great live performance, I really enjoyed it!
Best wishes