Blade Runner Super-Vee Tremolo - how to change strings?

Hello, I have been playing guitar for just 6 months and I have a Harley Benton CST-24T, which is like a PRS copy. I have just decided to change my strings for the first time (a bit late, I know). After looking at several resources on the internet I discovered I can’t find any that specifically show exactly how to change strings on the particular bridge set up I have. I think it’s a Blade Runner Super-Vee but I’m unsure (picture attached). Can anybody help with pictures or videos of how to change the strings without messing up the set up? Many thanks in advance!


I’d say first put a piece of rubber (or something rigid that wouldn’t damage the finish) under the bridge if it’s a floating design. Other than that, I’d change the strings one by one so that you won’t have to adjust the spring tension from scratch again.


Thank you Jozsef! I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

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I second the one string at a time approach.

I just have to know what I’m missing here. The bridge on my Dean Zelinsky Tagliare looks like that, and I don’t have any problems changing strings. I take off all six so I can do a good cleaning and oil the fret board before I put the new strings on, and everything is fine afterwards.

Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun,

And Just for the sake of completeness … not every fretboard may be oiled, and if it is not necessary (dry ) I would not do it either, and if you do, use very little, but really very little…
I hope you are playing by now :sunglasses:


As far as I can tell from some videos on floating bridges, taking all the strings off at once and replacing them could lead to the bridge changing position/angle. But I just managed to find a video last night stating the 6-bolt bridges (like the ones on our guitars) are more stable so possibly it might not matter how many strings you do at a time. I’ll probably do one string at a time, myself, just to be safe!

Hi Rogier, thank you so much for your warm welcome and advice :blush:

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It’s not a blade runner. The bridge clearly says Wilkinson on it and is a typical 6-point tremolo bridge.
And it doesn’t look like a floating bridge but in any case you could place something like a credit card under the bridge and remove the strings. Or you could just remove the strings one by one but don’t just cut them, rather detune them all the way until the tension is relieved.

I love the colour of the guitar, it looks very beautiful.

Hi Lefteris, thank you for your advice. I clearly have lots to learn!
And thank you, the colour is called Black Cherry Flame :blush:

No problem! I’m still learning too.

I think that black cherry flame is awesome. I have eyed one too!

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It is indeed a standard tremolo system such as you’d find on a Stratocaster and removing all 6 strings all at once is no problem whatsoever.
You should always detune all strings before cutting them and removing on any guitar. For personal safety if nothing else.

Thank you Richard! :blush: