Blank routine sheet

I´m from portugal.
I wold like to know what everithing in the blank routine paper means.
Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for my poor english.

Welcome to the community. I think that you are referring to the blank practice routine sheets found in the Tools: Blank Papers section. I never used those sheets, but it can be used if you aren’t using the Justin app or using the website practice routine app.

You would record each of practice items, with the type of practice, details and time of practice. An example is C major scale, 60 bpm, 5 minutes. There is a place to check off completing the practice item for each of the days of the week for which you practice. They remind me of the practice routine sheets found in the classic JG beginner course.

I created my own practice routine sheets. You can look in some of the Justin Guitar community learning logs and see examples of how other people record their practice progress.

P.S. Your English is much better than my Portuguese. I had a roommate from Brazil (or Brasil) 50 years ago, but I remember no Portuguese except como vai (although I think I learned it as como ca vai).


Thank you for your fast answer.
yes, there a time field, work, details and time… this part is simple and clear.
but then, there 7 fields… in this order " S;S;M;T;W;T;f"
what is the meaning of each one of this letters?

P.S.- “como ca vai” it is an expression that does not exist in Portuguese from portugal, but PT-PT it is a lot diferent of PT-BR.
“como vai?”… is perfect… with a lot of meanings in a lot of contexts.


Those are the English days of the week (os dias da semana) Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I looked up Portuguese days of week and saw that you would replace those letters with: S:D:S:T:Q:Q:S. I prefer the traditional calendar order of S:M:T:W:T:F:S which for you would be D:S:T:Q:Q:S:S.


Thank you very much
Yes of course :slight_smile: it is obvious… and that is not good for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I was expecting something very technic or scientific about music…
I have that basic english knowledge… but i think in Portuguese… I think I would never find it by my self :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you a lot for your help

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