Blast from the past!

One last hurrah!
My big brother and I have a 40th year school reunion in Switzerland next week (happens every 10 yrs.) For the last one, I persuaded our l’il bro Conor to join us (he wasn’t invited, but went to the same school) and we had a ball… :smiley:
Poor Conor died 5 years ago, so this year, our youngest brother Anders is joining us instead! (Hope he doesn’t kick the bucket :open_mouth:)
This afternoon I cancelled my Netflix subscription in exchange for a NowTV one to watch Oppenheimer.
How bizarre to see our old school, where we’re going back to next week, popping up 7½ minutes in :open_mouth:
I’m hoping to turn this journey into a ‘road-trip’ extravaganza, so watch this space :laughing:
If all goes well, I might even do a write-up…
Watch this space :wink:



Hope you have a good time mate and it’s not your last hurrah.

Can’t believe you have a 40th year school reunion every 10 years…. How old are you and how many schools did you attend :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lovely picture and story Brian…that’s a big school…

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Or perhaps an original song….:smiley:


Hi Brian,
That`s nice :smiley: have a lot of fun and bring back happy memories with your brothers and about Coner…

And what a school building and nice place WOW :sunglasses:


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I really do hope you do a write up! Your witty post made me laugh even though it was also sad. You are obviously good at writing. I would be too scared to go to a school reunion - after 40 years I’d probably be so weirded out by everyone looking old when I only remember them as they were at school. I do have 7 girlfriends who I’ve stayed in touch with since we were at school about 40 plus years ago.

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Looking forward to that Brian, still feel for your loss that you have shared with us in the past. Looks a beautiful place, not quite Port Sunlight. Be safe on your travels my friend, hope you and Anders are not to conflicted with the visit,

Take care,


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Cheers for all the comments and good wishes folks.
All packed and alarm set for 5 am :smiley:


Have a safe journey Brian! Enjoy the trip and looking forward to read/listen/watch a recap!

After watching your jam with Keith I’m wondering what song you plan to rewrite to get a bunch of your old schoolmates in on a jam!

Have fun on your travels :slightly_smiling_face:


Safe travels, Brian! :slight_smile: Have fun! :metal::sunglasses:

Have a glorious trip Brian. Livin the dream…
(Try not to cause an international incident :rofl:)

Cheers, Shane

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Be safe on your travels young man. Have a good time with Anders, I am sure memories of Connor will come flooding back when you are there. Get back home safe and well,

Enjoy your trip Brian.


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Have a great trip Brian, and behave yourself. :smiley:
I went to school reunion one time and it reminded me why I hadn’t kept up with most of the people there! :laughing:


enjoy the clean air :sunglasses:

Have a great trip Brian and very sorry to hear about your brother.

I’m hoping to see photos of you in the traditional dress.



You can sure see the family resemblance!

Holy cow ,
Three in a row … :joy: :sunglasses: :partying_face:

Have fun boys :sunglasses:

Edit: Hermine says just next to me … hey, they look so much alike … without me saying that you are related :blush:

oh, how I would love to be there, but then I would get rusty :joy:

Them lederhosen are way to long. :rofl:

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