Blink 182 one more time

Like most things Jeff, start at the beginning. I was more interested in the SOS Grade 3 (finger strumming) but as I want to soften my strumming touch, I started from lesson one. The most important thing, as has been said before is a constant arm and hand movement regardless of whether you are playing 1/4 1/8 or 1/16 it needs to be a fluid non stop motion and consistent tempo, that will allow the song to flow. You should not have to change the tempo if switching between 1/4 or 1/8s. Hope that helps.

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Hi Jeff, it’s not a question of picks or dynamics- it’s much more basic than that. The most important thing is just to keep your strumming action going up and down to the same beat throughout. Did you have a look at that lesson I linked? That will get you a long way. Then do the first strumming course if you want.

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Thank you. I’ll be getting started on this course soon.

Yes I did watch it and I spent the last couple weeks reviewing all of grade 1 strumming tips. Some day it will click but I’ll keep working at it until then. I appreciate the advice.

This is what the real song should sound like if curious. Far better than my novice version lol.

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Here is an example I shared sometime back on a similar issue with stop start strumming. Took me a while to find it.


Thank you😎

I haven’t played this one in a long while so squeezed in a quick video. I restrung my Flying V acoustic and finally played it today.


Awsome scenery Jeff!!!

This is mine at the moment :see_no_evil:

So… im a JEALOUS!!!

For the Blink 182, cool song choise but i have to echo what Brian and Toby mention.
Hang in there Jeff, work on that dynamic and you will se wonders!!

That looks pretty cold mate. Hope to send some warmer weather your way. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey guys,

I decided to pull one out of the memory bank and play at the exact tempo of the original song (half speed for now with a drum machine). The goal was just to keep the hand moving at an even pace for now even though the strumming style is very boring and basic. I’d appreciate if you could tell me if this is what you meant. Thanks.

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That is a much better performance than the Blink 182 above.
Your strumming arm is moving steadily with the beat.
(I’m not sure if that allows you to focus more on the singing as well, which is less hesitant than above)
You say the strumming is ‘boring and basic’ and you’re right, but boring and basic is better than bad.
You are throwing in the occasional up-strum for variation but that’s it. We all have to learn to walk before running :wink:
Look up Justin for ‘old faithful’ which will provide you with a lot of mileage :smiley:


I aggree with Brian on this Jeff. Youre strumming on the last one was a lot better.
I have watched youre Blink 182 record a few times, i did not quite understand what @brianlarsen ment by downstrums on 8th, but i got it in the end.
I think i can see what you are trying to do there, by just tap the low E before a downstrum. It will get that bluesy «drum/base» effect… that is a very very hard thing to master with just fingers, a bit easier with pick, but still hard. But it needs a muted technic to sound good, and takes a lot of practise to sound good, especially on an acoustic…
i think you are better of just going with an «easy and boring» strumming on this song for now… old faithful as Brian said is perfect foe this song…
i might be way of here… but that is how it looks to me…
keep at it Jeff, i struggle with strumming/rythm related things everyday. So dont give up :grin:

Have to agree.

Jeff this is a good starting point and foundation to build on. That motions is exactly what I have been saying, consistent movement through out the song. Even with that “slow” pace you can experiment with more elaborate patterns, OF as Brian suggests or anything, just keep it slow, consistent and steady, then start ramping up the speed when it becomes natural. The idea is that this becomes your go to approach for all rhythm and you ditch the “stop start” method. It might feel like a step back but from small acorns …


I agree with Trond.

You can only gain from enrolling in Justin’s strumming courses. I would start off with the first course with the mindset of a complete beginner and absorb as much as I could get out of the course before moving onto the next strumming course. My strumming left much to be desired until I enrolled in the old strumming course. I think that would take your playing up another level. Keep at it fella, you will get there.

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Hey thanks for the advice. I’m about to go on holiday for a few days then open mic next week. so I’ll check it out soon. I definitely want to get to a new level though. Been frustrated for a year now not improving much. Have a good weekend.

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Thanks Toby. I’ll take the feedback as a small step forward in the right direction. Take care

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I appreciate the honesty and it was motivating to hear I improved on something even a small bit. It’s been a while for me. Have a good one.

Hi Trond. Thanks for the pep talk. I appreciate your advice.

Enjoy your holiday, Jeff. You’ll definitely get to another level if you take your time and trust in the JG strumming course. I can relate to the frustrations mate and can tell you from experience (well from the old strumming course) if you take your time and put your enthusiasm into each exercise laid out for you that you will reap the rewards. It’s pretty fun strumming along with Justin.