Blink 182 one more time

Here is my version of the brand new blink 182 song . Hopefully sharing some sunshine with you all out there. Thanks for the listen.

Jeff from California


Thanks for the sunshine (though we have been 30C+ this l;ast week :laughing:) and song, Jeff

The prize for the most beautiful video background for this month goes to … :drum: :drum: :drum:you Jeff :sunglasses:

Hi Jeff, good to see you’re getting out in the sunshine with your guitar :sunglasses:

The thing that jumps out for me is your strumming action.
You’re playing everything with downstrums, even the eighth notes. This means you are unable to keep a steady rhythm with your hand, having to speed up and slow down all the time.
Did you follow Justin’s lesson on strumming tips? I think you would really benefit from it.
Have a look here


Oh for some scenery and skies like that…… pleased to see you still strumming Jeff and enjoying yourself. I haven’t heard this yet so thank you for introducing me to it. Thought you played it well, I’d be interested to hear a recording indoors where levels and other noises aren’t encroaching, but considering where you are I’d be playing mostly outdoors too!!
Well done sir :+1:

Blink 182 have a new song out! I’ve not heard anything of theirs since the early 00’s, I’ll have to check it out.

Nice background, Jeff and a good effort on the song. Some good advice from Mr Larsen as well.

Good to see you got this down Jeff. I’m with Brian on the strumming, as I mentioned before.
But hey what a great location to play in !

Hi guys,

Thanks for the listen and feedback. Yes I definitely agree that it need to work on dynamics. As you all know playing and singing together is not the easiest to master so this adds another layer to achieve. No excuses though and I do want to get to the next level. It seems like I am a lifer circling grade 1 and 2.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner you mentioned Justin’s SOS strumming course. Do you recommend both courses or just the advanced one? I don’t mind investing the time and money into it, just unsure if anyone has experience with one or both. @brianlarsen do you think it would sound better with a pick instead? Have you had a similar experience with struggling to find the dynamics?

@SgtColon thanks for listening today was a spontaneous performance while working Friday from the beach on Friday. It still needs to sound better even if onlookers are watching and don’t know any better about dynamics lol. I wasn’t planning on uploading to JG this month but changed my mind to share anyways.

@roger_holland thanks for the kind words. After 2 weeks of rain and flooding here I wanted to get out and enjoy the weather while I could. Luckily my home wasn’t flooded, but several people were not as lucky. Hope all is well in Holland. I really miss visiting there. Groetjes :sunglasses:

@DavidP thanks for listening and hope you get some warmer weather soon. I think that’s why I drank so much German beer and Heineken when I lived in Germany years ago- cold and rain most of the time. Fun times though.

I’ll still be doing this as one of the songs for the open mic. I think it’s a little too late to change songs. Everyone is always respectful during those open mics so no worries if I fall in my face. I’ll still give it a go.

Like most things Jeff, start at the beginning. I was more interested in the SOS Grade 3 (finger strumming) but as I want to soften my strumming touch, I started from lesson one. The most important thing, as has been said before is a constant arm and hand movement regardless of whether you are playing 1/4 1/8 or 1/16 it needs to be a fluid non stop motion and consistent tempo, that will allow the song to flow. You should not have to change the tempo if switching between 1/4 or 1/8s. Hope that helps.

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Hi Jeff, it’s not a question of picks or dynamics- it’s much more basic than that. The most important thing is just to keep your strumming action going up and down to the same beat throughout. Did you have a look at that lesson I linked? That will get you a long way. Then do the first strumming course if you want.

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Thank you. I’ll be getting started on this course soon.

Yes I did watch it and I spent the last couple weeks reviewing all of grade 1 strumming tips. Some day it will click but I’ll keep working at it until then. I appreciate the advice.

This is what the real song should sound like if curious. Far better than my novice version lol.

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Here is an example I shared sometime back on a similar issue with stop start strumming. Took me a while to find it.


Thank you😎

I haven’t played this one in a long while so squeezed in a quick video. I restrung my Flying V acoustic and finally played it today.


Awsome scenery Jeff!!!

This is mine at the moment :see_no_evil:

So… im a JEALOUS!!!

For the Blink 182, cool song choise but i have to echo what Brian and Toby mention.
Hang in there Jeff, work on that dynamic and you will se wonders!!

That looks pretty cold mate. Hope to send some warmer weather your way. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey guys,

I decided to pull one out of the memory bank and play at the exact tempo of the original song (half speed for now with a drum machine). The goal was just to keep the hand moving at an even pace for now even though the strumming style is very boring and basic. I’d appreciate if you could tell me if this is what you meant. Thanks.

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That is a much better performance than the Blink 182 above.
Your strumming arm is moving steadily with the beat.
(I’m not sure if that allows you to focus more on the singing as well, which is less hesitant than above)
You say the strumming is ‘boring and basic’ and you’re right, but boring and basic is better than bad.
You are throwing in the occasional up-strum for variation but that’s it. We all have to learn to walk before running :wink:
Look up Justin for ‘old faithful’ which will provide you with a lot of mileage :smiley: