Blowin' in the Wind

Todays 30 minute learn (instead of doing the hoovering :see_no_evil::laughing:). Totally messed it up at the end, but need to get on with the housework… Blowing in the wind - YouTube


Hi Julie,

You set the video to private, I think you meant unlisted, can’t view it.

Julie is not hearing you over the noise of the hoover, Alexis :laughing: We shall just have to wait patiently :grin:

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Oops! Panicked because initially i made it public :see_no_evil::roll_eyes:

As terrific as I’m coming to expect from you Julie with every subsequent AVOYP. I’m really loving your easy going style and subtle little twists to the vocal melody.

Really?! I can’t say I noticed anything whatsoever!!
:clap: :clap:


If Freddy can do it so can you Julie.

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@Notter you are very kind :blush:

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@sairfingers Now youve given me an idea :laughing:

How very nice!! :heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap: I understand you…I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping…still my guitar gently weeeeeps :joy::joy::joy:


A lovely rendition of a timeless, classic song, Julie.

You have nothing to worry about should you share in public. Your playing and singing is most enjoyable.

I can’t recall from your intro if you are left or right-handed. If right-handed then have a look on your phone camera for a mirror or flip setting. I only ask due to the majority of people being right-handed and often not being aware of the mirror function on the phone.

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Ah but does Freddie play the guitar while hoovering, Gordon?

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Beautiful song and well played. Strumming was well done, I can’t strum without a pick to save my life but it looks so natural to you. :+1:

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Lovely singing to some super smooth strumming.
Everything including the kitchen sink :wink:

I discovered, that’s acrually a myth :laughing:

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Hi Julie,
I liked your rendition. Timing seem good, vox was good and your overall play sounded good to these ears. I don’t know the song, so thanks for the introduction of it to my music experience!

Now get back to the chores… LOL JK :slight_smile:

Take good care,

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Hello Julie,
Very nice,… lovely rhythm guitar and smooth singing :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

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Had some issues with YT refusing to load videos early but so glad it is working now !
Lovely rendition Julie, singing and playing, everything spot on. :sunglasses:

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That was a wonderful cover of a true classic. When you struggled near the end you just kept going which is great. I loved it!

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@LBro Thank you. Check out the original, a Bob Dylan classic. Soooo much better than my version :blush: Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind (Official Audio) - YouTube

That was a really good cover Julie, very nicely sung and played.

Pah! To the housework. Music and enjoying yourself is more important.

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Wonderful. Another great song and I love your mellifluous singing and playing style. Really enjoyed this.

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