Blowin' Smoke by Kacey Musgraves Lesson

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This song illustrates the brilliance of Justin’s song lessons. I was just going to play along with the beginning of video as a warmup song, since I am at module 15 level, but I continued playing with the demonstration of different strumming patterns, which was good for my strumming review. Then at 11:00 in the video, Justin introduces a challenge piece with the A form riff at the 5th fret and the D9 type chord at the 4th fret accompanied by palm muting. ‘This part was both fun and challenging and this ended up being my entire practice period.

So if you are a more advanced beginner, don’t skip this lesson just because it only has 2 chords. You always get more in every song lesson than you expect.

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Hi Steve,
You know how to sell it, you let me look :grin:, … and it is indeed a nice thing :sunglasses:


Thanks. I’m happy that you liked my discovery of the hidden gem in this song video. This song was in the Justin Guitar Easy Guitar Songbook. I am playing through the songs in the book for warmup exercises. I was surprised to find that I had already played this video when playing the songs in the Beginner Songbook II (or 2), but either had forgotten or not seen the last part of the video. It is not documented in the songbooks. I think that I will have to create a spreadsheet for all the song video lessons and make notes of these hidden gems of guitar instruction :slight_smile:

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