Blue Angel ft. Hatsune Miku

Have gone hiatus a while to work on this song haha.

From composition to subtitle. Start to finish. Right now in my mind is lots of work and improvement could be done, and eventually get myself out of being “bedroom musician” =)


Its pretty! the vocals have a interesting alien quality to it - I dig it!

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Nice Vincent, guitar track sounds great!

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Guitar sounds great, enjoyed the composition, Vincent. Your playing is quite spectacular.

From a mix perspective, maybe the guitar was a little over powering. Though I’m not sold on the Hatsune Miku vocal. I think I’d enjoy this more as an instrumental.

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Very nice recording.
Very professional sounding.
Love the vocal recording!!!

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Thank you David. I agree that the guitar is a bit harsh and need to be tame from better EQing and compression. (Which is the part I am totally newbie… :sweat_smile:)

I tried my best to make a good vocal mixes, and failed lol so I opt to make it simple by having only 2 layers of voice (sounds meh too :sob:). In professional tracks there are multiple layers of voice track beneath the leading one, and that is what I would aim to do.

The list to improve goes on and on T.T

Hi Rene and thank you for your kind words! Hatsune Miku is a digital stars whom we youngsters “worship” haha.

The vocal is made in a software, exporting .wav, then mixed in DAWs like how we treat normal human vocals (the only difference is human vocals are a bit more complicated to mix in comparison, you got to De-Essing all those kind of stuff)


This is awesome Vincent! I don’t know anything about vocaloids but since this is an original song I’m assuming you’re using some vocaloid software that has hatsune miku’s voice in its bank? I only know of Hastune miku v4x but I think there are more out there?

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Thanks Alexis! I use Vocaloid 6 and Hatsune Miku v4x (English, Chinese, Japanese). The plugins (in DAWs, I use Cubase) that actually do the heavy lifting under the hood is iZotope Ozone =)

Not much voice bank is released on Hatsune Miku thereafter since the company realise they can earn more money on toys and events, in my opinion xD

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Thank you so much everyone and I consider myself fortunate for having this wonderful community. Getting around with fantastic people truly move myself forward, and I could not have imagined what I am achieving and going to achieve.

Got a feeling of taking granted of that, so I think I should be expressing my gratitude here. And once again, thanks a lot! :sparkling_heart:

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The guitar playing was really good. Nice playing, feel, rhythm, flourishes were cool too. Liked it. Sounded really clear too.

Vocals not my thing at all though… not a fan of that tbh.

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Was hanging around local public piano (it was an awesome grand piano :heart:), and I was completely shocked when someone asked for the chords and music sheet. :sweat_smile: It dawned on me that I should make a proper music sheets with chords to make people life easier :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

For guitarist wise, my intuition would be the lyrics with chords, since it really easy to pick it up instead of a full tab of what I am doing (I cant write it all down either, haha)

Would love to hear some opinions from you. Thanks!

Your guitar sounds wonderful Vincent and your playing was superb. I loved to vocals too, something very different.

I also liked how your picture moved to the sound of the guitar. Nice!

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Really enjoyed this a lot - the whole package of the composition, playing, Miku and graphics. There’s a very original style emerging. I’m really intrigued to see how you develop it further :0)

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