Blues Changes scale choices

On a I IV V blues the I min pentatonic scale works over all of the chords.

The I Maj pent has the issue of a clash note on the IV chord.

A min / maj mix option works thus:

I - I min pent
IV - IV maj pent
V - V maj pent

All well and good but what about other choices? Each chord could support mixolydian or dorian. Perhaps phrygian. Lydian, hmm I shall guess not easily.

So shortcutting here, I’m wondering if there are other good combo scale choices that work particularly well or what should be avoided?

I’m looking to sit down and try playing through a matrix chart of trying min pent, maj pent, mixolydian (pent?), dorian (pent?), over a I IV V and see what flies.

Interesting how some maj keys / modes show up over the 3 chords as potential choices ie:


E7: E mixolydian (A maj)
A7: A maj
B7: B dorian (A maj)

Any tips for me on this ?

I too found the info about the major pentatonic clashing with the IV chord illuminating. And thus the need to switch to the minor pen or the major of the IV chord at that point, Another gem found.

Do advanced players hang out anywhere else in this community?

Lots to work on, slowly as Im working on so many things but the IV clash thing to my ear is only a problem if you hang on it. As a passing note it sounds pretty hip to me and perhaps should not be utterly outcast.

[quote=“rorystrat, post:2, topic:175724”]
Do advanced players hang out anywhere else in this community?
No idea how many intermediate to advanced players are here …

add: I am exploring so much to keep engaged in all the areas I like:

modal melodies including beginning with single string stuff as per Mick Goodrick “The Advancing Guitarist”.

trying to learn how to create modal vamps - not just hanging on a drone note or 1 chord

blues changes (per above) with modal choices that are complimentary

common chord movements to then explore chord substitution (major and minor borrowing)

shell voicings with any diatonic notes mixed in

working on a “set list” of tunes …