Blues Chord Extensions

Learn how to play and use 9th & 13th chords in a blues context, adds some spice to your rhythm playing!

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my 3rd finger will not bend back enough so i can play the first A rooted 9 chord you showed without the D string getting muted. its so frustrating because i know thats an important chord

I’m having trouble figuring out the shapes Justin is playing at the end of the video. I’m a bit lost after he uses a 13th chord. Does anyone know the order?

@Mutant, can you give time stamps or screenshots?

@gristam The notes across those five strings are:

C, E, Bb, D, G

That is 1, 3, b7, 9, 5. You need to visualise a C major scale spanning beyond a one-octave repeat to recognise these.


The first ‘casualty’ of reducing the size of extended chords such as we have here is often the 5th. That happens to be the note G on the 1st string. Thus, you can play a 4-string version of this particular 9 chord shape and omit the 1st string altogether.

Indeed, the third chord shape for the 9 chords, whose root note is on the 4th string, omits the 5th.


I hope that helps.

What he starts playing at 15:35
I get the first part but once he uses a 13th(?) Chord I can’t see it clearly