Blues Club #1 | It's All About Licks

Hew, how you doing? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the first Blues with Justin livestream. Watch the recording here!


Thanks for the recording. It’s not possible for me to attend it live since I am at work. So, I enjoy watching the recording. I look forward to learning licks.

Thank you for the video! :sunflower:
I’m looking forward to watch it again.
And thanks a lot for the huge effort you’ve put into the transcript.

I really don’t worry about the quality. IMHO it is good, and I’m happy and thankful to have a recording at all.
Anyway, it’s the content that matters most :wink:

Can’t wait for the next live stream tomorrow :grinning:

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Thanks for the recording! I attended live but will watch the recording again later on. I’m looking forward to the next live stream tomorrow!

Finally caught up and watched #1. Really interesting watch. Moving off at a tangent: can I assume that the lick based methodology applies to other mainstream genres? Rock & country/rock?