Blues Club #9 with Justin | Step Up Your Playing with 8 Bar Blues

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Here’s the Topic for our latest Blues Club - Step Up Your Playing with 8 Bar Blues. :slight_smile:



Great lesson - a nice bit of variety to the usual 12 bar stuff! Quick question, at 11:55, the chord is called out as “# 4 diminished”. I was a bit confused as I thought this was a D# dim 7 chord. Is it because you can take any of the 4 notes as a root, and if you choose A as the root, then the 4 of A, which is D, is sharpened to D#. Or something like that :smile:

I think what he means is taking the IV chord and sharpening it. Regular IV would be Ddim, but its a D#dim

Makes sense. Cheers Paul!

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Well, well, I liked the more advanced chords and harmonies but it would have been Nice to really show the fingering i.e. chords outside of the usual stuff (A7, D7, E7) ! This is not like a lesson with structured information ! Sorry there is much better stuff out there. I did also see the session on modes ( I know theory rather well but not on pro level) and this session was a mess an Justin seemed to be totally unprepared ! Disappointed is ths word!

@twistor59 @Kejo116 the video of the 8 Bar Blues live class has been posted on the website so you can rewatch it.

It can be a bit confusing, but you’re on the right track!