Blues Immersion - Justin mentioned a blues course starting in June - could we please have some more info on that?

If that is the case then unfortunately it’s not for me which is a shame as the bit of blues that I have done so far I enjoyed. At this time I can’t commit to time restricted assignments and exercises.

There are plenty of instrumentals. Freddie King has a few,but also widen your listening…Piano(especially) Spotify usually has lists of blues instrumentals.

Blues piano is fantastic to hear the rhythm.


Great, I’ll check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

You may also find lots of jazz with blues influences. This is one of my favourites:

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Justin mentioned something about the upcoming Blues course in June timeframe and that we may signup for the updates. How to signup?

We’ll send out a link in our recap email :slight_smile: look out for it soon! cheers


Hi! Here is the Blues Immersion page with more info on that : Blues Immersion - Class I

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Really interested in the blues immersion program coming up this summer, but I’m curious what skill level is required to be a qualified participant?

@Jozsef Thanks for the video. It’s a really cool song, I enjoy listening to it as I played saxophone in high school and I loved it.

As an update to my initial message … after listening to blues for a few weeks, I got used to the vocal style and I enjoy it now :slight_smile: Yeah ! Here we go grade 4 !

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Will the blues immersion class starting July 1 be live format or instead self-paced videos like levels 1 and 2? I ask that because live classes for the Justin clubs are in the evening in the UK but in the middle of my workday in the southwest US. Hoping the blues immersion class will be self-paced videos. Thanks!


I’m interested in the blues course, but my time zone makes it very difficult to join in live. Will the lessons be viewable after the fact?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Blues Immersion. :slight_smile: I don’t have confirmation on the format yet, but I’ve noted your feedback about preferring self-paced videos due to time zone differences. Cheers

Kurt. @TGFNM14
Justin is / has been researching, writing, filming and editing dozens (hundreds perhaps) of video lessons along with notes and additional material for people who sign up to follow as modules.
I think that there will be an expectation that people follow along as a group with a high level of commitment practice and work within time frames - and details of that will emerge soon. There may be some live sessions too but of that I am unsure.


Sounds great! I know live sessions will be in the evening UK time, no problem at all. Hopefully the live sessions will be available as recordings for people outside the UK time zones. I know it will be a great program. I’m looking forward to signing up and getting started when registration is available and the sessions begin. Thank you!

I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for this course yet, nor do I have the time right now for this course ( but expected to change any day now !)

Will this happen again ,or is this a 1 off special as this will greatly affect choise regardless of level.
Is it really aimed at intermediate players ?

As I understand it, This course is a kind of Journey that takes off every x months. In other words, it is the Justin’s plan to get this Blues Immersion Course going again when it is finished
(if the formula works well enough that is, so no rock solid guarantee though)

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Ok, yes, my take on it was a 6 month course but doesn’t mention restarting, so that good.!

At what level of skill is expected as a minimum to be able to effectivlly do the course. ?


I think I saw Richard’s (@Richard_close2u) reply in another thread, but if I understood correctly - most of the lessons are pre-recorded with all the other lecture material and then you get live weekly groups sessions (I assume similar to Blues clubs but more focused). But not sure if the live sessions will be recorded.

I might got all of this wrong, so I’ll let the others answer this.

I am so excited about this course! :smiley:

From reading the course page, which talks about licks and improv - I would assume at least a base level of competence in blues techniques would be needed? Bends, vibrato, some knowledge of pentatonic scale and maybe a couple of licks under your fingers.

That’s just a guess/assumption though.

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Ah Noos, well that sucks lol… :rofl:
Thanks Richard for moving my post, I did search but strangly nothing showed up .