Blues Immersion - Justin mentioned a blues course starting in June - could we please have some more info on that?

Without jumping to soon,and I understand if you cant release too many details, but having completed both existing blues rhythm and solo courses, will the new blues course be a worthwhile investment for me?

New blues course?

Announced on this evenings Nov Digest

It’s Been All About The Blues!

The last few weeks I have had my head fully into Blues study mode. I’m working on a new course that I plan to release very soon, and it’s been truly consuming. It’s by far the biggest education project I have ever made!

I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s an intensive 6-month course aimed at Intermediate level guitarists who want to improve their Blues playing. I will expect students to commit to a regular practice schedule and also write monthly essays on artists and history. It’s a big deal.

A new module with ten lessons will drop each month, with lessons on: Knowledge, Licks, Transcribing, Jamming, Technique, Rhythm, History, Artists, Standards and Immersion! :slight_smile:

I’m putting pressure on myself to make this the best course I can make. It will include backing tracks, live classes and maybe even special guests. It’s the first time ever I will make something like that.

Unfortunately, I may have to limit spots–it’s a premium product, and a HUGE one. If Blues Guitar is your thing and you don’t want to miss anything about it, your best shot is to join the free Blues with Justin Clubs. Students who are joining those live lessons have been experiencing first-hand some of my explorations and creative process to teach the Blues! :wink:

An yes

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This sounds so great. Even monthly essay write ups on artists and history, that bit of structure would be perfect for me! I hope it ends up that I’m able to register in the course. It does say spots might need to be limited!!

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Yes, I’m liking the sound of this too. Hope it’s not too expensive.


Patience Peter!



I was going to subscribe to “Blues Transcribing” in grade 5. Should I wait for the “New Blues Course”?

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Oh, It sucks knowing I’m going to miss out on this. :sob:


…and the rest of us eagerly waiting for more details!

I am looking forward to hearing more details about this course. Hopefully, the price is not too HUGE :joy:

Yes,and there is an option for a monthly subscription-that will really help.

I notice that in the latest newsletter Justin says we will be hearing “more about it soon”.

Could I ask that when it is opened up for registration you make it clear about the technical requirements. I don’t have a smart phone and I don’t use any form of social media. If we need to be using mobile apps or social tools like whatsapp then I (sadly) wouldn’t be able to do it.

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More details released!

The first unit is finished—it’s called The Birth of The Blues, and it’s over 3 hours of lessons and a ton of backing tracks, GuitarPro files, and PDFs. I’m mostly scripting the second unit, but this course is proving to be such a big program that we delayed its release to June.

It is going to be a paid course and Justin will open registration during a week in June, and the group will start the course together on July 1.

I would very much like a rough idea of the cost of this course, to see whether I should be getting excited or just trying to forget about it.


Do we know how much this is going to cost and why it is limited to a set number?

Not yet.

Sounds like there will be a lot of interaction in the course, both with Justin and between students. He would need to keep to a limited number to make that manageable.

I am surprised though that Justin seems to have forgotten his roots.

Stay updated about Blues Immersion; be the first to know when we open up for our Class I, expected for Summer 2024.

Umm, that would be Winter down here in his home country. :laughing:

So not just a series of videos with corresponding notes as the other courses?

No, not like other courses. This looks to have a serious practice commitment with assignments and exercises to be completed each month.

From the newsletter:

A big part of the Immersion experience is the listening, and so I’m spending many hours trawling through albums to find the best example tracks from each artist that showcase their parts in the story of Blues development. The study of the history and development of styles is fascinating and such a joy for me to ‘have to’ study! :slight_smile:

I enjoy the instrumental blues module that Justin put in grades 2 and 3. Blues seems like a cool way to learn lead guitar.

Please, don’t throw rocks :flushed: I’m shy to say it but I have to confess that listening to blues albums is hard for me because of the vocals. In blues, the style of the voice seem really different than in pop music (Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Coldplay etc.) or rock (Green Day, Blink-182, AC/DC, Nirvana etc.) bands of my generation.

Hopefully, I can start to enjoy blues album before taking the course. I guess that otherwise it will slow my progress. Starting with instrumental blues album, if it exists, may be a good start.

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