Blues Immersion Licks

For Blues Immersion - BB King Licks from YGA club


Hey Kathi!

I’m not in that club/course but I loved your playing and especially how you smoothly integrated BB’s licks into your own improvisation. Not to mention your amazing bends and soulful groove!

I’ve just recently learned the solos from The Thrill is Gone, and can do some basic improvisation over the backing track, but can’t yet integrate his licks into my own improv which is something I’m working on currently.

Your video is an inspiration to me to keep working on that, so thank you for posting it :blush:

Hi Kathi ,
That sounds very smooth :sunglasses: :clap:

and this screams :smile: for an introduction introduce yourself because if you post videos here it would be nice to know a little more so that if you want people to give better feedback, then it is useful to know whether you have just 2 / have been playing for 3 years or have been playing for a lifetime … and it’s just fun … don’t feel obligated