Blues improv A Major

Little blues improv in A major, trying to combine pentatonics and arpeggios. Appreciate any feedback, tips, suggestions etc.
Cheers, Shane


Wicked, Shane. Well above my play-grade to be able to offer you any tips or suggestions. I can but say, man, you got the blues: the licks, the tone, the feel and you inspire me to stick to pop/rock noodling :grin: Or maybe I just slow your videos down and try to play like you play. Bravo

Very nice Shane, you are really progressing quickly.

Sounds good to me Shane. Very bluesy, some nice repeating motifs. I heard a couple of licks from Justin’s lessons that fit quite nicely, gives me some ideas cuz I can’t seem to quite make them work for me.

NIce bluesy playing! Your def getting it on with da blues!! Keep on sclay you got this!!

Hi shane,
In many moments a super blues feeling :sunglasses: :clap:,… really nice to see and hear how you are progressing more and more,…

Some nice phrasing going on there Shane!

Very nice Shane, some very good phrasing and variations going on.
The thing I liked about it was that it wasn’t predictable, you used the fingerboard and added embellishments very well; there were a couple of places that I thought may have had unresolved phrases but nothing much to be concerned about, all in all I found it very enjoyable!

Shane, what a great blues improv you’ve done here. Love the backing track. Sounds like a B3 organ. But your playing is what makes it. You’ve given it a lot of room to breathe, have tasteful licks, bends and tone No tips here, other than keep going on this track. Really enjoyable listen.

Nice one Shane. Really well done.

Playing pentatonic and arpeggios - what do you mean by arpeggios when playing something like this? I know arpeggios are picking out the notes from chords, are you picking the notes of the underlying chords from the backing track at times? Or something else?

Shane well done really cool playing there you clearly are taking Guliver’s steps as far as your playing goes! Really good stuff and clearly you practice a lot of Gary Moore as your vibrato is seriously getting better and better! All the best and keep up the good work!

Impressive! Really love the bluesy tone you have there.

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Thanks very much for the kind feedback everyone. It is much appreciated. I love the blues; love the freedom it gives to experiment and learn, make mistakes, and figure out what went wrong.
Have started to dabble in Major Blues more recently. Finding this pretty tricky at the moment.

@DarrellW Yeah mate, I think I missed the target there a couple times in some phrases, and got lost for a moment.

@jkahn Yeah mate, trying to see and hit the chord tones on the changes, and utilise the scale to move between each chord. I’m finding that learning the arpeggio shapes is helping me to see these chord tones more often. Some are in the scale, others are not. In this improv, I was using bits of the E shape arpeggio on the 1 chord, and the G shape on the 4 and 5.

Cheers, Shane


The thing to look at is for a start look for common notes between the chords you are playing regardless of octave then remember that your resolution note is the root note of the chord again regardless of octave, this puts you in a comfort zone, what you do in between is use notes that fit or a combination of that plus passing notes to add interest. Well that’s the way I play anyway, right or wrong it usually turns out ok :joy:

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Terrific stuff Shane. You’ve got the bloooooze! Well done.

Thanks for the tip Darrell. Much appreciated mate.

Thanks Gordon. Much appreciated mate.

Blues! Yes please. That was great stuff Shane. Nice noodling that gave me a sweet bluesy feeling.

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