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Hi guys,
Is anyone else experiencing a problem accessing the lessons in the Justin’s Blues Licks app ? When trying to access them the link comes up with a 403 code. Forbidden ? There doesn’t appear to be a contact for the app, hence why I’m asking the question on here. I just thought that someone else might be experiencing the same problem. Thanks in advance.

hmmmm yes, i just noticed I’m getting the same error on every course in the app. i downloaded it a while back and have not really used it yet as I’m still in grade 1, so i don’t know when it started doing this.

It must have been in the last few months as I have used it a while back. I can still access all the licks but not the lessons. Although it is all accessible through grades 4-6 on the website.

Thanks for the alert Mal and sorry for the inconvenience.
I have reported this to @larynejg

Just looked seems fine if this is what you’re looking to get access too.


Thank you Richard. Fortunately the lessons are still accessible from the grades on his website, just not the app.
Cheers Mel

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Hi Libitina,
Unfortunately no. It’s Justin’s Blues app that I’m talking about. As I stated above, the lessons are not available through the app as they were. But can be accessed via the grades on the main website as you referred to. The app is solely Blues related and groups all the lessons and licks under one roof as it were. The licks are still available through the app, just not the lessons. Thank you for your feedback though.
Cheers Mel.

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This is the app in question.

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ahh, havent seem it :slight_smile:

Hello! We have reported this issue to the app developer, who will fix it very soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Thanks Laryne :+1:t2:
Cheers Mel

Thanks guys, after today’s update to the app. The lessons are back up and running. A great example of the support from this excellent community. Thank you :+1:t2:
Cheers Mel.