Blues Loop in A

Been having a bit of fun with my Ditto+ looper pedal recently whilst I’ve been revisiting some Am pentatonic blues solo stuff.

This has been good to spend some time on after regular practice today. Starting with a 12 bar shuffle riff and a standard progression on top of that to be a foundation of 3 x solo go arounds on top. The first one is Justin’s beginner blues solo from Module 13 and the other couple are some (very!) basic ones of my own. I kicked in a bit of overdrive and delay for the solos, if only I could have got the cutoff at the end a little more accurate!! :rofl:


BRAVO Mark :exclamation: Good job :exclamation:

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Hi, very nice. I think you might try some palm muting when playing the chunka-chunka part.

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Hey Mark,

Very well done mate. Sounded pretty good to me.
Liked how you layered each part with the looper. Great way to ‘lock’ into the Blues I reckon, and a good approach.
You say your own improvs are “basic”, but thats exactly what you want; and you’ve got a good groove to go with it. You can build on these solidly ingrained basics, and expand your sound.
Next step. The m3 > 3 little move to start ‘bluesin’ it right up.

Cheers, Shane


Thanks so much Shane! This was fun doing it on the looper, plus the added bonus(?) of being quite the rhythm exercise to time the foot right!

I’m so early in blues you’ll have to help me with the m3>3 little move comment if you don’t mind? :wink::+1:

That looks like a lot of fun, I will have to try looper sooner than later. :slight_smile: I think you did great, especially liked how you built the backing track by adding rhythm layers. Very cool.

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Cool :slight_smile:

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Sorry Mark. I assumed you’d come across it. I shouldn’t have assumed.
If you’re interested though, it just involves a simple slide from the minor 3rd to the major third of the major chord you are playing over. It is one of THE staples of the blues, and you’ll recognise the sound straight away.
In your Am pentatonic, over the A(7) chord, just slide one fret from the C to the C#. Thats it.
From there, try going to the root note A, to resolve the phrase.
Simple once you do it a few times, but the concept is used extensively with all sorts of notes.

Cheers, Shane.


Nice post Mark! I especially enjoyed your use of the looper! I have been working on a blues in a also & appreciate watching you… gives me something to aim for! Thanks!!!


No apology needed Shane!! Thanks for elaborating and for the enouragement, I’ll give it a whirl! :+1::+1:

Great looping Mark! It must feel good to generate and control your own accompaniment to practice solos over.

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That sounded good, Mark! :+1:

Seems you already get along with using the looper really well. I enjoyed listening to your version of an all-to-familiar piece. In that context it works so much better than on its own. :smiley:

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Well done on the looping, Mark. Definitely, a nice rhythm work out along with a nice bit of improv. It’s good to see you getting into a bit of blues playing.

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That’s really great Mark. Many thanks. It has inspired me to try something similar and if the outcome is anything like as good as yours I will be well pleased !

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Hi James, thank you and welcome to the community!!
Everyone inspires everyone here so do stick around and hopefully you can share some of your own stuff in time.
Let us all know a bit more about yourself and drop a post in here when you’re ready.
Thanks again and happy playing!! :guitar::guitar::heart::heart:

I’m working on module 13 as well, and it was fun to see how all the parts came together here!

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Liked that a lot Mark!!!
Sounds like blues too me :grin:
Hope i can do that too one day. Trying to head down that blues direction…

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Good ol’ feel to this
Palm muting here and there , specially on the loop track will make this a killa

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That was great, Mark. Can be tricky to keep the timing solid on a 12 bar progression and added challenge to add a second layer. You did that well.

Liked the improv, recognised some of it.

Good to be trying to add some vibrato. If you’ve not watched it, maybe look at Justin’s first lesson on vibrato. This one may also be helpful, I’m sure it will, but I don’t recall watching it (my bad)

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Nicely done! I’ve tried playing along to this to the GPro backing track but could never quite get the timing right on the looper pedal when ending the loop and starting to play something over it. I really liked what you did here with the long rests after the first loop, building things up slowly, before you started looping. I had never thought of that :-)… always something to learn from each AVOYP! Thank you.