Blues rhythm guitar tone

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I’m working on a slow blues song and I’ve got a nice sounding Stevie Ray Vaughn style lead (Strat/Fender Super Reverb/Overdrive) but now I’m trying to add a rhythm guitar track and struggling to find a complementary sound that doesn’t clash with the lead. All my searching on Google comes up with suggestions for blues lead guitar tone and not rhythm!

I’m using my Amplitube amp sim. So I have a choice of different amps and stomp boxes and effects loop devices like digital reverb and delay.

It’s a problem that I come up each time I want lead and rhythm guitar tracks on the same song (which is most of the time). Any rule of thumb for good ‘pairings’ that complement rather than compete with each other? I appreciate that when I mix I can pan and adjust levels to help keep them apart but I’m thinking if I can get the sound right at ‘source’ it will make life a lot easier and make it sound more musical.


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Keep the same amp setup, switch to the neck pickup and drop a bit of volume off until you get what you want.
That’s what I usually do but not on a ST style guitar.

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