Blues tone

Hey guys, working my way through Justin’s grade 6 blues course and noticed that Justin’s guitar tone sounds great. I can’t seem to replicate it. I have a boss katana mk2. Can anyone suggest some settings or a profile?

Try that?

Check out

Juca has videos on his YouTube channel specific to creating blues tones too

Excellent thanks!

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I recently sorted this out on my Katana amp and use the setting daily. If you want what I would call a BB King-like tone, all you need to do is use some Reverb to taste, some Compression, and some Clean Boost. I always have Noise Suppression on. Gain no more than 1. A lot will also depend on your guitar and what PU position you use. Keep it simple. BB King used solid state amps so signal wouldn’t distort at louder volumes.

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Yep. My guitar is a strat-type. I generally use the combined neck and middle pickups for a more mellow tone, but if I want more of the single-coil “quack”, like the Robert Cray sound, then it’s neck pickup alone.

Yep. Mine is a PRS with humbucker PU’s. So, probably different tones, but I either use the middle position combining both or just the neck PU. Very clean sound with nice sustain. I’m addicted to the sound this combination makes.

My go to, was the Blues Driver boost into the clean channel. The clean channel itself will dirty up a fair bit if you crank the gain. I used to run it at about 50% and put the Blues Driver in and set that level to taste.

I tended to use that with my G&L “strat” in the neck position.