Blues with Justin #10: Licks In All Positions

Hey Community :wave:

Unlocking your fretboard with licks in all positions! Join our live class to master playing licks all over the neck. Plus, get an exclusive look at our upcoming Blues Immersion Program. Don’t miss out!

:date: Date: Tuesday, June 4 - reserve your spot now!
:tv: Streamed on YouTube: join us here
Blues immersion! Sign up here:

Got any questions before the session? Ask them here.


Any reason why this is YouTube and not via Zoom ? Sync issues were awful on the last PMT Livestream. Have they been fixed ? :thinking:

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Good question, the sync problem was terrible as you say and was unwatchable for me.

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We’ve been troubleshooting, so it should be better this time. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed Fanny, it brought out a host of troll like comments, that seemed to be driving @Richard_close2u mad throughout the stream, you too I guess ! Let alone the other deranged nay sayers these things attract. Looking forward to it. Have a great weekend.


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I totaly agree with you Toby not sure if that’s your preffered name, but yeah you are right mind I was just getting used to zoom now I have to try and work out you tube, I’m to old I struggle getting around this place, but saying all that its the best place on the planet. So I just enjoy and work through it and pleased to meet you, cheers Hec

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My dashboard settings keep changing back to newsletter “off.” I’m not receiving newsletters or links for clubs. :frowning: I guess I’m going to miss this one even though I’m signed up.

@DonnatheDead I can’t solve your problem with the newsletter, but this specific club will be hosted on youtube so you can access it easily here


Join us here! we’re live :slight_smile:

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Thank you @math07 and @FannyJustinGuitar! On my way. :slight_smile:

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I know this question is in the wrong place, but I can’t decide where I should go to ask for help with the newsletter problem @FannyJustinGuitar. It’s still happening.

Hi Donna! Please email me at I’ll try to sort this out manually for you. Cheers

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The video and sound quality were definitely really good. Your troubleshooting paid off :slightly_smiling_face:

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