Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock

Merry Christmas everyone! My first video here, would appreciate any feedback! Feels like lost the timing a bit in some places but other than that, that’s probably the best I can do at the moment. Thanks


Pretty cool-can’t comment further as i`ve only just started. How long you been playing?
Ps nice to see a fellow lefty

About two years, on and off

Sounds really good and you are in the groove! Makes me want to pick up my guitar and play the same song :smiley:

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Bravo Dmitri and season’s greetings and a warm welcome to the community.
What a great first appearance with a fun and well played xmas rock n roller.
Festive songs and critical feedback? It seems a bit wrong somehow, But you have asked. And I’m not going to be critical. Fluid strumming movements throughout, good chord changes, you have the the groove and vibe of the song really well sorted. Did you keep strict tempo? Maybe not, it didn’t matter. It was fine.

What is your JustinGuitar back story? Maybe tell us a little over here … Introduce yourself ... - JustinGuitar Community

Cheers :smiley:
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Hi and wellcome,
I enjoyed that. Seemed pretty well played!

Keep up the good vibe and all the best in 23’,

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Hi Dmitri,
Welcome here, and a lovely tune ,relaxed played :clap: :sunglasses:
I wish you the best for 2023

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Hello Dmitri, and wow, what a super first AVOYP :clap::+1::star_struck:.
Can’t wait to hear more from you :hugs:.

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Welcome to the Community Dmitri! That sounds really really good :raised_hands::clap::clap::clap:

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Dimitri.

Christmas rock, I loved it! It brought a bit of cheer to this miserable January day.

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