Borderline 56 year old dude here, trying guitar for the first time

Hi, everyone. AJ here, trying the acoustic guitar for the first time. Got the app and paid for one year to see how it goes.

Struggling with finger placement on the very first lesson (Em chord), but if I understood Justin correctly he says to not worry too much how it’s sounding and that one will get better with time. I’m also undecided how to hold the guitar when sitting down but I will try to not let that overwhelm me too much.

Told myself to practice at least 5 minutes every day, as some people online suggest.

Anyway, my fingers hurt LOL. Cheers.


Welcome AJ,
You are in good company here as we all struggled at the beginning ( our fingers hurt as well )but just stick with it and you will get there. Enjoy the journey and the rewards are worth it.

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Welcome to the forum AJ

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Thanks, Eddie.

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Thanks, Stitch.

Welcome, AJ! You’ve found a good place here. Lots of us have sore fingers (if not now, we remember them) and buzzy chords. Lots of folks here have learned from all that, and can help when one has a question. Also, you’ll find the website a great supplement to the app - there’s a lot of written info to supplement the video lessons, and I think there may be some content on the web that is not in the app. For example, here’s some guidance on holding your guitar. Hope to see you around the Community!


Hello AJ, and welcome on board :hugs:. You’ve found the perfect place to learn to play the guitar :smiley:.

I’d like to echo what Judi has already suggested. The app is a great tool, particularly for playing songs. I use it as well. But on the website you’ll find even more videos and information, and a more comprehensive learning routine.

I wish you lots of fun with your six-string-friend :guitar::star_struck:!
(And yes, the sore fingertips will go away over the next few weeks :+1:.)

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome AJ, from the information you have shared you have found a great place to help you learn.
Some good posts above from Judi & Nicole.
In terms of holding the guitar, the URL Link given offers good guidance. It really all depends on where you would like to be playing in a few years: eg. friends, busking, small gigs, band, Glastonbury ?
I was given some advice when I started in 2020: if your playing goals will require you to play while standing, then practise with your guitar in that position, even while sitting down.
This is why I always were a strap that is adjusted for “standing up height”… just my pov.
Progress at your pace: JG lessons have a comprehensive syllabus with no prescribed timetable.
Keep it fun … :sunglasses:

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Hi AJ,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Hi AJ,
Good idea picking up learning to play the guitar.
I find playing make me feel better about, me.

JG, I find really does a great job of teaching starting with square one. Wish I’d have had a teacher like he teaches when I was learning.

As for how to hold your guitar when sitting, which is how I play. I find that whatever is comfortable for me, is how I hold the guitar. I also change up how I’m holding, even as I’m playing. I’ll go from resting it on my right leg, to having it rest on my left leg.
I’m sure my advise is not what JG says, so listen to JG, not me, I likely have bad habits that I’ve picked up over the years.

As for your fingertips hurting. Perhaps I’m different. But I find that even after 4 years of playing that I feel my fretting hand fingertips (even when I’m not playing). Won’t say they hurt now (but they did when I first picked up a guitar), they just feel like they’re being used to do some work. I think it’s part of the nature of the beast. The pain ‘will’ go away. It just takes time.

Anyways, have fun here. There’s lots of great info here from everyone. Also, much support from everyone. JG is just a good place to be for much info on how to play guitar. Keep at it, I find learning to play a very slow process. + it just never ends as to finding something new to learn.

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Hey AJ, I feel those fingertips. This site and Justin got me back up and playing again. That goal is a great one to start with. I still struggle with barre chords, that comes with practice.
In the end its all about the music and you. Most importantly is having fun. Right now its difficult, and thats ok. Most important is you took the first step.
Looking forward to see more posts !

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Welcome aboard, AJ! :slight_smile:

Hah, almost all of us remember those hurting fingers all to well. :smiley: Good thing is, this will go away some day.

Wish you loads of fun on your guitar journey!

Cheers - Lisa

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Thanks, Judi! I’m feeling encouraged by all the nice replies. I realized I’ll be using a combination of the app and the website to maximize my learning experience.

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Thanks, Nicole!

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Thanks, Roger!

Thanks, Elixir!

Thanks, HappyCat. Your reply makes me feel I made a good decision going with JG.

Thank you, BSmooth!

Thanks, Lisa!

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