Boris' learning log

Hi everybody, Boris from France speaking. I’m an engineer, 34 years old, and playing music is one of my hobbies. Welcome to my learning log. I’m writing it since it should be convenient to have some goals at hand which I can then assess and re evaluate every now and then.

I used to play the piano and take classes at a music school from age 6 to 16, then I stopped the classes and now play much less but still sometimes. I started playing (electric) guitar somewhere during 2020 (1st confinement). I was following Justin’s courses which I really like, but unfortunately I stopped at the beginning of beginner’s course grade 2. The fact of changing job and moving out during 2021 probably had something to do with that.

Anyways, new year, new goals. I am now restarting to play.
My guitar is an Ibanez RGRT421 which I find super nice visually, acoustically, and touch wise. I went for an electric as my first guitar because that’s what I am aiming for in the long term, plus I find it convenient to be able to play at low volume when unplugged.
I don’t have an amp, but I do have an external sound card which goes to my PC and to a Denon HiFi. Like this I can use software to change the sound of the guitar, and I can even play without the PC, the soundcard can work standalone and can even produce distortion when the gain is up.

My goals are the following:

  • Short term, I will try to play at least 3 times per week for half an hour to start setting the pace smoothly. This will actually be the hardest thing to do since I would like to play in the morning which means getting up earlyish. I am going through the grade 1 again in an accelerated pace, to refresh all those chords, and get some skin on my fingers.
  • Mid term, I would like to finish the beginner’s course, and at this point maybe try to find some people to play with.
  • My long term goal is more a dream than a goal, meaning quite ambitious, but I would like to be able to play some metal guitar solos, such as in power metal.

Also, I played Rocksmith for a while and found it really cool. I managed to set up my guitar without the game’s cable (but a slight lag) using my external sound card, it was tedious and so I would be happy to share how if anyone is interested.

Cheers !


Hi Boris, great log entry. Your goals look very realistic, well done. I really like the way that Ibanez looks, really sharp! You seem to have some pretty clever technical skills to get the setup between your guitar, pc, and stereo working.

Welcome to the community Boris.

You’ve got a good set of realistic goals and a lovely guitar to help you achieve them. I look forward to hearing you play.

Welcome, Boris.

Glad you are getting back into it, are inspired, and you are on your way with goals set.

Welcome to the Community Boris. You’ll get plenty encouragement and support here.

Hihi nice axe!


Hi Boris and welcome to the community. Love the look at that Ibanez. As others have said you have set yourself some realistic goals the only thing I would make sure that you add songs to that list apply what you have learnt. After all that’s the reason we’re playing the guitar. By the way I am based in Normandy. Where are you.:sunglasses:

Hi, thank you all for your kind welcome !

@Dave911 I actually got my sound setup beforehand, since I am using exactly the same for a midi keyboard since a while. And by the way I am using reason as music software, which is great.
@batwoman I was not really planning on recording myself, but I suppose it could be useful and nice to share once I can play a few songs.
@TheMadman_tobyjenner Very good point about adding songs applying to what I have learnt. I am living in Essonne, south of Paris.