Boss fuzz fz5 pedal

Has anyone have experience with this pedal? I just got one and there is 3 settings f- m - o and f sounds like a fuzz but m and o sounds very different.any help will be appreciated on this pedal.

Looks like you have a three-in-one pedal there, Jeff.

Recall the fuzz-filled flavors of classic pedals such as the Maestro FZ-1A, Fuzz Face, and Octavia pedals, and kick ’em into overdrive with the FZ-5’s Boost knob.

Yea that’s it have you ever dealt with this pedal it seems on some of the settings it’s very touchy on the sound and how the nobs are set

No, haven’t used it myself. I was just looking at the manual. It does seem to be quite touchy on the M and O settings.

I am finding the sweet spots on each one but it taking a little bit. Also it wants to be 1 st in the pedal chain for some reason any where else you get some noise

it’s a fuzz, so basically it is a couple diodes. I’d HOPE it would have buffers and level setting on input and output sides, but maybe it doesn’t.

I think I’d need to tear one apart to figure out more. It is based on Ge diodes, so lower voltage point to start clipping, but double any pickup I have. Maybe they do have a buffer?

Just from reading.

It seems like distortion and the likes (fuzz) generally go first in the chain.
I ain’t got a fuzz pedal. I got a cheapo overdrive pedal. It’s second in line after a compressor.
I put it there from square one from reading about types of pedal sequences.
I’ve never changed it’s sequence since it the overdrive (I’m guessing the fuzz too) does seem to work well in that sequence.
Sorry, can’t help ya with your specific pedal or the options it comes with.

Just from the fact yer getting noise from it in any other sequence would make me put it at the begging as your doing.
Don’t know if it makes any difference. But all my pedals (5ea.) are true bypass. So no buffering from my pedals. I have no noise problem.

Good luck in your quest for the tones yer looking for via the fuzz. :slight_smile:

Playing with this pedal a lot this weekend and for sure there are some great tones but there is tones on this that I probably never use but over all pretty good .